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Fun Stuff:
Would you like to expand your audience?  Would you like to have additional traffic to your blog or shop?  I am currently offering an ad space trade!  I will put your button on my blog for one month.  All you have to do is place my button on your blog, and we have a deal!   That's free advertising for one month!  In addition, all of my blog posts are posted to my Facebook and Twitter feeds, which has been bringing in more and more traffic everyday!  If you need more information, please contact me at ashleycrenshaw.blog@gmail.com!

Another option:  If you don't have a blog or website in which you cannot place my button, I will offer the space for a small fee of $5.00.  One month advertising for minimal cash!

Currently have 10 sponsor openings, maybe more!

Business Stuff:
This is a for profit blog. i like your {{moxie}} kid is part of my full time job and the profits enable me to live my dream.  I am proud to accept and promote sponsors who fit with the essence of i like your {{moxie}} kid. I love supporting independent business and companies with great ideas and style! All sponsors and giveaways are compensated. All features apart from giveaways are not compensated unless otherwise stated.  I only promote businesses and products that I truly believe in! This is extremely important to me and the quality of my blog. I'm very thankful for the support of my sponsors and readers!

Feel free to contact me at ashleycrenshaw.blog@gmail.com!
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