Brief Update

Boy, has it been awhile! 
I've been busy being wife and mom, lately. 
-We've had birthday parties and BBQs.
-I've been trying to do spring cleaning in my yard. 
-I've been  emotional, as I'm counting the few precious days left with the husband. 
-I've had multiple doctor appointments.  I'm trying to get my health pulled together.   Nothing bad is going on with my health, as of right now.  There may be problems in my eyes.  Sigh. 
-Dylan still won't potty train.  But, grandma's coming this weekend, maybe her magic touch will help.
-Spring is upon us and we're enjoying a few days of warm weather, when we get them.
-I don't have any projects up my sleeve right now.  But, you know, I'll get bored and find something soon. 
-I'm working on getting the business in full bloom.  Very excited about that.
-Dylan is enrolled in daycare.  Praise the Lord, I'll have some sanity.  He won't go on a regular basis, just as needed.  I'm still working on bringing myself to let him go. 

Soon, I'll find my happy medium and get back into blogging.  I really do miss it!  Hope everyone is doing well and getting excited for Spring! 
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