Going Indie pt. 02

I'm so excited that Indie Business 3.0 starts tomorrow!  It's going to be fabulous.  While going through our Student Lounge, I noticed everyone's portfolios were looking terrific!!  Great work everyone!!!  But then, I thought, 'If I were grading myself, I would give me a B.'  Yeah, so I spruced mine up a bit.  To see the original, go here.

Front Cover


Inside Cover
and yes, there is glitter ALLLL over my studio now.  ha!

My Tabs.

Wait.. did you see it?  Here it is, the reveal of my shop name... Camp Moxie!!!!  The actual online shops will open on Etsy and Big Cartel on May 1.  I am super excited to start this new adventure.  I feel so inspired and excited to share everything with you all. 

 Stay tuned this week for previews of goodies that will be hitting my shop this summer!!


Surviving Sick Days

Thanks for the well wishes and being patient with me this week!!  Man, once the bug hits, it's like a huhahahahaha WIIIIIIPEOUT!  I've gone through one box of green tea, four cans of soup, a carton of chicken broth, and one package of Goldfish.  That was just me... what a baby.  haha.

Anyways, here's how I survive sick days.  You gotta make 'em fun.  So, first I gather up all my medicine supplies - tissues, meds, a timer, notebook, etc.  I keep notes of when I gave out my last dosages.  You never want to over medicate.  Scary!  The timer always helps in case I fall asleep.

Then, I make sure I have LOTS of green tea, juices, snacks.. the usual "sick" stuff.  I also tried coconut water to help me hydrate.  I'm in love!  Today, I feel like a new person after drinking just one carton of it.  Totally worth a shot.

Next, I grab a bunch of movies, children's books, and magazines.  If Dyl wants to watch a movie, I can read.  I can also read to Dyl to get a break from the TV.  We mainly just cuddle.  I love that part. 

And because I can't bring our bed to the living room, we make a blanket fort.

So much fun.  I was hoping lil man would fall asleep, but I think it wound him up.  Come to think of it, he's not really acting like he's sick.  But that poor guy is so congested.  Is it all boys that are crazy while they're sick? 

lol yep. 

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy the weekend.  I hope you all are staying well!!



Today, I have a house of sick folks.  Dylan has one thing, and I have another.  SO, I will hopefully be back later/tomorrow with how I make sick days not so yucky. 




Kristen of Peace, Love & Crafts has featured me!  Go here to find me today!

Thanks again Kristen!!



Lately, it's been so hard to stay on task.  Indie starts soon (!!!!!), my husband will be coming home soon (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and my upcoming business is blooming (!!!!!).  Lots of excitement!  Just one more exclamation mark!

Staying on task has been uber tough.  But, here are some of my tips.


Make a list.  Once I clear out my head, it's easier to focus on just one task at a time.  I usually am distracted with thoughts of other things I should be doing.  To battle this, I clear out my head.  It's so nice to see the check mark beside what you've accomplished.


Clean up your space.  Once I can see what I'm doing, it seems so much easier to nail out a project.  I also prefer to have my house picked up (as best as possible).  I can be a little compulsive about neatness, but it's so nice.  Also, I light a candle in my work area.  Did you know that citrus smells bring you energy?  Just what I need!


Turn on the Mozart!  My mom told me to do it.  He'll help you focus and get you going.  I don't know why it works, but I'm convinced it works.


A little pep talk never hurt.  I read somewhere that when you envision yourself doing a task, it is easier for your brain to follow along and accomplish.  Awesome.

Hope this helps someone else stay on track.  I sure did need it!!


Ready for Random?

Since I have self-diagnosed A.D.D., this post is just full of things I've been up to.  You know, I haven't been able to actually accomplish a lot, in terms of being "productive".  Around here, I'm just going with it.  There's been a lot of distractions like, "OH that's shiny!"  "Oh Prettttty!"  "I wanna do _______ instead."  "You can't make me fill out those papers."  Ha!  Here's what's been going on in my world.

{Sorry for the crotch shot.}  I took some time to make my bed, light a candle, and just read a book.  Yeah, that doesn't happen with Dyl around.  Nice try.

I'm addicted to spray-painting.  If I don't like it, I paint it.  I'm working up something pretty to put inside the frame.

I have had a geeky crush on John Mayer for quite some time.  When my husband deployed to Iraq, John became my dream husband.. You know, I would have dreams that John and I were jumping on his bed together and holding hands.  We would giggle at each other.  I can't believe I shared that.  lol!  As much as I enjoyed to dreams, it became a little obsessive.  Well, enter the Grammy's:  Sunday night, I caught a glimpse of dream husband Mr. Mayer looking a LOT like Mr. Depp.  *Jaw dropped* Thanks for throwing fuel on the fire John.  Ha!  Oh, I need my one and only, real life husband back!
 The orchids my fabulous husband sent me for Valentine's Day, decided to go ka-put on me.  Luckily, the company was more than happy to replace them.  But, I wanted to see if I could get a few more photos out of them before they went to orchid heaven. 

Even though orchids don't grow in typical soil (they prefer a bark mix), it makes a pretty picture.  I can totally enjoy the color, and hints to spring, while I wait for my replacements. 

 I watched Glee, you know the Bieber Fever episode?  Yeah, I was wearing this outfit, by coincidence.  I HAD to take a picture. 

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Dylan, I immediately craved Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Within five minutes of this craving, I was in the car on my way to the doughnut shop.  Much to my disappointment, the shop had closed.  Well, 4 years later, our gas station carries the doughnuts.  I broke down yesterday and got some for breakfast this morning.  But, you know, I can't just eat the doughnut.  I have to take it to extremes.  Let me share with you.  Take your doughnut, this works best on plain ole glazed, and place in a bowl.  Slather your doughnut with butter, then heat in the microwave.  Heaven!!  I only do this once every.. several years or so?  It's fattening and addicting.. so consider yourself warned! ha!

See?  Totally random!  That's my life though!  Happy Friday everyone!!


Fab Finds

Look at what I found yesterday.  I love it all.  And, it's kind of a coincidence all these items are in the same picture.  I have FINALLY found a name for my shop.  Do you think you can guess what it is?

You'll have to wait to find out...but, just a little wait.  ;)

I also found...

  this itty bitty goodness.  Aren't the colors and ruffles awesome?


This big mama must have taken so much time to make.  I have a king size bed, and big mama took up a more-than-fair share.  I was drawn to the mellow yellows and creams in the blanket, but got to looking a little closer... I think I need to do some work on her.

So, why do I tease you with all this goodness?  Well, you'll see these beauts again.  These fabulous finds will be in my shop!  I'm so excited to get things on the ball, but it does take lots of un-fun work.  Which, is probably the reason for my grumpiness yesterday.

I felt like a 'Mean Girl'.  I don't know what was in the air/water/stars, but it was just not my day.  That's not the energy I wanted to share with you lovely readers.  There are more inspirational things to share.  There's encouragement and love that needs to be spread around.  So, pardon my absence.  I needed to have a talk with myself.  I'm better today!  Yay!


Getting My Happy Back

One day at a time.. ya know?  Sunday was a pretty heavy day for me.  The loss of a friend can really take a toll on you.  But, I'm determined to take a look around, really to SEE and to FEEL and to just BE. 

I took time yesterday to spend with my little man.  His daddy and I gave him a SpongeBob Valentine's book, those chalk-y Valentine's hearts (stick to the traditions), and Horton Hears a Who.  Dylan was sitting in my his chair, and yelled up the stairs to me, "MOM!  I have some-fing for yoooooouu tooooo!!  Come see!"  So, I went down to see what he came up with.  He grabbed a candy heart and said, "Valentime for you mommy.  Just 'cause I wuv you."  Melt my heart. 

Dyl and I had a lunch date.  I'm pretty sure I got a gold star for letting him have cheeseburgers and french fries.  (Take the victories where you can. ha!) 

Upon arriving at home, from lunch, I found an AMAZING surprise...

Hellloooooo FABULOUS orchids!!!  I have THE BEST husband in the world!!  They are so amazing and gasp.  You may be thinking, "Why not roses?"  I do enjoy roses, but I think orchids are more amazing.. Oh and peonies.  I just love the unexpectedness of it.  Special flowers.

Later in the evening, Dyl and I cuddled up to watch his movie. 

My sweet boy fell asleep.  How can you not love that face?

Then, it was my turn to pamper myself.  I needed quiet, peaceful luxury.

Soft light from the candles.  I also had to unscrew some of the lights.  Lighting is key.

 Bubbles!!! (I like Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap) and bath salts... delightful!!

I soaked, and melted away tension, stress, thoughts... everything.  I want to have a date night with myself more often!

After my bath, I attempted to watch Casablanca.  Can you believe I have never seen it?  Well, my amazing bath put me in some sort of a sleepy/foggy/coma state.  I couldn't even make in 15 minutes into the movie.  But, a 10pm bedtime was well worth it!

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day??  I know I did!


Heavy Hearts

I wasn't going to put this out on my blog, but it's part of my journey. 

Yesterday, I got news that my hometown had lost a great guy.  Everyone knew him, loved him, and loved hanging out with him.  He was such an amazing gift to the world, and it is so hard to try and fathom the thought of him being gone.  My heart is heavy for his family.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them. You will be greatly missed buddy!

I'm going to try and pull myself together and enjoy my son.  Life is precious and I need to just BE today.  I will be back within the next couple of days.  I have so much I want to share.  But, my heart isn't in it today. 

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Valentine's Day.  Take time to really be present and share it with your loved ones today!  ♥


Of course...

Yesterday, I got the Victoria Secret spring catolog.  I saw this bag and fell in love.

Well, I went online to check it out.  I thought, hey I'll save my money and get a prize when I can.  Nope.  "This item is no longer available."

I called the number in the catolog.  They won't be getting anymore in.  I called the store.  They don't have the item.  I looked on e-bay.  Nope.

But then, I thought I could make it.  Luckily, before I even thought about buying supplies, I checked my sewing machine.  The footer won't be able to push through the thick material.

Any ideas??

Friday Confessions

Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest wrote her 6 Confessions and I thought it would be fun to share mine today. =0 )

6 Confessions by Ashley Crenshaw

1.  I HATE mornings. My son has the worst way of waking me up.  It involves incessant talking, repeated phrases, throwing my phone at my face and then demanding me to carry is 4 favorite objects down the stairs.

2.  I LOVE peace and quiet.  I never get it, so I treasure those moments.

3.  My favorite day of the week is Tuesday.  I always wondered why, so I looked up the day I was born.  Yep, it was Tuesday.  AND I was married on a Tuesday... hmmm.  Has this happened to anyone else?

4.  I have so many pictures I need to take this weekend.  I've been filing through my inspirations to find great set-ups and all that.  Really inspired.

5.  If I have to watch one more episode of ANY cartoon, I may have to be checked into an asylum. 

6.  I still have my blankie.  I found it in a box a few days ago.  Honestly, I was too scared to hold it in fear of it crumbling to pieces.  My husband thinks I'm weird and need to let go of it.  I keep hiding it in random places around the house, so he won't find it and throw it out.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


Valentine's Day for One

It sounds worse than it really is... OK, no it doesn't.  I miss the husband.  I wish he could be home to romance me and sweep me off my feet.  I wish he would be here to drink wine and giggle with me.  But, since he's deployed, I'll just have to romance myself. 

Here's what I'm thinking for a peaceful retreat for my Valentine's evening for one.

NO fancy dinner.  A) Dylan won't eat it.  For some reason, he doesn't like to eat dinner.. Oh wait, if we have hot dogs he's there.. Gag.  B) I would have to cook it.  C) I would have to clean up.  D) I just don't care too much about the dinner part. 

I DO care about the dessert. 

Helloooo Paula Deen's Red Velvet Sandwich cookies!!  Yep, I'm going to make those, but I think I'm going to change up the colors a little.  OOHH and pass them out to my friends.

Then, I'll most likely take a bath and enjoy some champagne.  But, a bath isn't a special bath without something from Lush.  Check out what I ordered.

Bath bombs, massage bars, and a frog prince = bathing perfection.  And if you've never ordered from Lush, or been to a store... *Gasp*  You would feel like you've died and gone to heaven.  Amazing!!  I've been in love with Lush since we went to Banff, AB Canada once in like, wow, 1997?  Anyways, perfection in the bathing department.  It's all handmade, and there are Vegan friendly options.

So, back to my date with myself... I think it may end after the bath.  I've had this horrible cough lately, so I'm not sure if I can be up past the hours of 9.  ha!  But, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'm totally renting a chick flick.  I love anything that makes me cry.  You know, pulls at your heartstrings.  I may revisit a classic, I may find something new.  Hmm.. anyone care to share their favorites?

Well, it doesn't sound so bad after all.  I'm actually pretty excited about this!


Going Indie 3.0

You may have noticed a little button on the side of my blog for this Indie Business 3.0... and I'm totally thrilled!!

These fabulous ladies above (Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest, Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs, and Jill Munro of Lune Vintage), are putting on a 6 week course about taking your dreams and ideas to the next level.  I'm so excited to be a part of this.  For so long, I feel like I'm just basing my decisions off trial and error.  With Indie, I'm confident that I will have the direction and the focus needed to fulfill my dreams.

I also made this little binder to keep all my inspiring goodies in.

I'm already finding so many cool people, networking, and being inspired.  This is going to be an amazing journey!!  Look out world, here I cooooome!!


Love-ly Giveaway Winner!!

We have a winner winner chicken dinner!!! has declared comment #4, Susan McCurry the winner!

Susan, please e-mail me your information (  As soon as I can get out of my driveway, your package will be in the mail.  And, I'm cleaning out my studio, so if I find some fun embellishments, I will throw those in for extra goodness!
In other news:  We have ANOTHER snow day.  This makes mama a little stir crazy and the child totally wacky.  Hopefully, I get some of my projects done.  I have so much I want to share with you all!

Keep warm friends!


Keeping Warm

Over the weekend, I concocted this fabulous drink. 

From the kitchen, we have warm strawberry milk!! Yum!  Then, I kicked it up a notch with strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows.  Wet the 'mallow, or if no one's looking, just lick it and dip in chocolate powder.  So delicious, so Valentine-y!  Go make some!!

You can still enter my giveaway here!  It ends tomorrow, so hurry hurry!



I'm experimenting with the blog this weekend.  I really want to make it more cohesive and pleasing.  So bear with me!!  Thanks!! ♥ Ashley


Photoshop Fun

{{Don't forget about the giveaway!!  You can still enter here:}}

I've spent hours and hours trying to teach myself Adobe Photoshop.  I thought I knew a little of what I was doing until I found this website via Poppytalk.  Fun fun fun!!!  I'm learning so much and wanted to share the vintage effect I gave to one of my photos.

Here's my niece and I, the original picture:

Vintage-y re-do:
I think this is so cool!!  Now you know what I'm going to be doing alllll weekend! ;)
Happy Friday!!!


Valentine's Day Photo Inspiration

There are so, so many beautiful pictures and projects floating around blogland right now.  Check out a few that caught my eye for some sweet Valentine's Day inspiration.  Get in the mood for love!

Whether you celebrate with your lover...

...or with your ladies...

...whether it's raining...


...or shining...

...whether you hang out in bed...

...or hit the town...

Make sure your Valentine's Day is:




and definitely make sure there are fireworks!!

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