I'm baaaaack

Wow, it's been way too long since I've been able to get online. Last week, I was packing the old house, doing walk throughs for the new house, moving to the new house, unpacking the new house and a storage unit (which we're still moving), and organizing and cleaning and AHHHH! It's been crazy! Besides a new, AMAZING house, 'all I got was a lousy inflamed back.' (Can't you just see that on a t-shirt? ha)

I wish I had pictures, but the hubs packed the camera. It's in a mystery box that wasn't labeled. Shocking. Me, I love paper, pens and all office supplies in general. I love to organize and label things. I wish you could've seen me packing boxes, I was Queen 'O Moving. I even had a sharpie hooked onto my shorts. Yes, I got made fun of.

Anyways, everyone is doing good around here. It's just a mad dash to get our lives put back together and settled. I wish I could multi-task and be super-blogger, but that won't happen until August. Ok, so maybe.. I just saw it was only 2 days away. BUT it is going to start Month of Martha. I've set myself up to publish to the world about my adventure. This move hit me harder than I thought, so keep in mind that I'm trying and I will find my camera. I know I have anxious family and friends wanting to see the new house!

Let me know what you all are up to! Leave comments and suggestions for what you want to see for A Month of Martha!!


My Magical Multipurpose Wonder Solution

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap - this stuff is AMAZING! There are 8 different scents, all amazing smells (minus the baby mild, which is well, unscented). There are hundreds of uses. You can do a search online for uses of castile soap. I use it as a shaving cream, face wash, floor cleaner, stain remover, all purpose spray, bath tub and tile cleaner... you can even use it to brush your teeth, and wash laundry. Like I said, AMAZING!

For the all purpose spray, I just put a dash of this soap into a clean squirting water bottle thing (what are they really called?), and then fill with water. You can also use the Tea Tree liquid soap for antibacterial/sanitizing spray. The tea tree has natural antibacterial properties. Who doesn't love all natural? These soaps are all organic and non-toxic, another bonus!

Seriously, check it out! I noticed they now carry Dr. Bronner's at Target and as usual at many health food stores. If you aren't near any of those places, order online. I feel this soap has changed my life and saved me a bucket of money along the way!

P.S. Sorry, I thought this posted yesterday. It was on a scheduled post and I never got on to check. I have got to figure this out. lol

Photo via Dr. Bronner's


More... and more and a freebie!

I thought I was going to be better at time management... not so much. Sigh.

How is your meal planning coming? Me, it's still stuck on my computer. I need to print it all out. I have total execution issues. I will post my meal planner for week 1 next week. If you guys have any recipes you'd like to share, please post them in my comments. I'm looking for great lunch and breakfast recipes. Ones that are easy, healthy and cheap! That's the whole idea of "A Month of Martha."

To get you through the weekend, I have another assignment. Make your own organic cleaning products! If you still have chemically products, go ahead and use them up until August. If you run out before hand, try making organic ones. First off, most of the items you already have in your home. Secondly, it's going to save you beaucoup bucks! Third-ly (not really a word, but it's for my entertainment), the organics clean just as good, if not better than the chemicals, plus the toxins are eliminated.

Why I'm cleaning organically? Saving money, I can clean more without get overloaded with the chemicals, and it's fun to play a scientist and make your own super cleaning potions! Where do I find recipes? Click here. You can also do a web search. The link I posted has options for everything! I've tried several, but it's all about Trials and Triumphs!

Now, I'm going to let you in on a little goodie. Miss B from LeBlagh created this awesome vintage notecard. I feel they are PERFECT-O for writing down recipes for your cleaning products. Don't forget your manners and leave Miss B a comment thanking her for the awesome freebie!

On Monday, I'm going to let you in on my wonder product. This does EVERYTHING!! So, check back in. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm taking off early!


I have to pack

Today, the hubs has off work. This means I have an extra set of hands to start doing the things that I really don't want to, but HAVE to do. We've got to clean out this house and start packing. Only 18 more days until we move and it seems like we have some time to get everything done, but my family accumulates things like its the apocalypse. I will post tomorrow, but for today, have a good one!


Happy 4th!

Yesterday, our military post put on a family 4th of July celebration. It was mainly food, a beer garden and lots of people. Ok, so that's all I saw. No, I didn't get to enjoy the beer garden... this is where I stood for 2 hours. Take a look at the line. It goes allllll the way back to that middle tree, so the line had to be a good 50 ft long, at least.

We were all waiting for this.

Not really the Curry Wurst, but the smoked turkey legs. Wow. As soon as we got to the event, the hubs was starving and couldn't leave without a leg. I didn't even want a leg, but guess who waited in line for him. (I am nice.) I stood through 2 seperate rain showers, talked to people around me, and don't forget I held Dylan for most of the 2 hours. Once I got to the front of the line, I felt I had reached the Holy Grail. I looked inside and wasn't disappointed. I found a REAL German cooking up the Schnitzels and turkey legs. He wanted me to take a picture of the line because his German friends didn't believe people actually waited in line for his cooking. Haha. It was worth the wait just to talk to the guy inside!

Hubs didn't really get to eat the leg until it was dark out, but what a great snack to watch the fireworks with!

That's Dylan (my child) on the left and his best buddy Cole. They were playing in dirt. That's all they wanted to do. Boys.

The fireworks were pretty awesome. Our post brought in the local Philharmonics, retro bands, and other local talents to perform before and during the big light show. It was pretty cool.
Dylan sat on my lap and he held his hands over my hands, which were over his ears. We sat like that for an hour, my butt was numb. I was so proud of my little man. He didn't cry or scream, he just watched in amazement. I'm so happy we went! Such a great time to spend with my family and friends!


"M.o.M" Assignment #1 (and a freebie!)

If you want to follow with "A Month of Martha", here's your assignment.

Come up with one week of meals for your family. Get the recipes, shopping list, everything for every meal (plus snacks) for one week. Just plan, don't buy yet! Ultimately, before the whole month starts, I want to have all my meals lined up, just to make it easy. Now it's not that I'm going to for sure have that meal on that day, but it gives you options and you have everything lined up for one week. Another money saving bonus, this list will help you scour the net and newspapers for coupons. It's all at your fingertips. Don't you feel the power?

Here's a freebie!! Jen Allyson from The Project Girl is a graphic desinger who has made a PDF (Printable) Weekly Meal planner. You can download my favorite version here. There is another option, but this planner makes me want to use it!

Don't forget to leave a comment on Project Girl to thank Jen Allyson for the awesome download!

Now, where do I find recipes? Follow this link to Sandra's Money Saving Meals! The hubs loves most of her recipes, plus the show title says it all. Sandra Lee does the dirty work for you. She'll tell you if it's cheaper to make from scratch or get store bought. Sandra's prepped the shopping list, recipes and even tells you what to do with your leftovers! On the website, the leftovers are used for "Round 2 Recipes." I have tried several recipes and cannot wait to get going on more. I'm in love with Sandra Lee.

Because Sandra has taken care of dinner and most lunches from her Round 2 menus, it should be a breeze to whip up something for breakfast and snacks. Amazing! Think simple. I need to go through my recipe books and find my slow cooker breakfasts. For my family, we don't really eat a ton for breakfast, so I'm only going to plan on cooking "real" breakfasts on the weekend, or days I know hubs will be here in the morning.

If we fail to plan we are planning to fail!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Amazingly Dark and Beautiful

Is anyone else obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance?! This was the first time in ALL the seasons that I actually picked up the phone and called in. It was that amazing!

You have to watch the show! Once it's over, I feel like I'm a dancer, always. This is coming from a chica that can barely run. I am so uncoordinated. I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time. I have to concentrate. I digress, sorry.

Watch the clip above and tell me you didn't get goosebumps. I am a GIANT Mia Michaels fan, but holy Sonya Tayeh is rockin' it this season! I can't wait to see more from both ladies and especially the dancers. Go Kayla (a Colorado girl, yay!!) and Kupono (I have a dancer crush on him)!!

P.S. If you want to see the whole bigger version of the video (sorry my blog cut part of the side off), you can right click the video and then click Watch on YouTube.


Ashley-ism No. 1

"Life is not like a coloring book. If we were meant to stay in the lines, everything would be outlined."

I feel I'm genius.

Rediscovery of Past Me

"Do you ever go back in time to think about those little girl dreams of what life would be like when you grew up?" asks Melissa from The Inspired Room. {Click on the title of this post to see the blog entry Melissa did, which inspired my whole "Month of Martha."}

Why, yes I do!! When I was growing up, I was the typical little girl with barbies and babies, I even had a Sesame Street kitchen. (So stereotypical.) I spent hours organizing my house, telling my babies what to do, always playing mom. At the age of 5, I knew that I wanted to be a mommy and couldn't wait until I had my own house and baby and daddy (the hubs).

{Picture of little me... couldn't find one of me dictating to my "babies"... odd}

Starting August 1 (maybe the 2nd because it's a Sunday, gotta start with a whole week), I'm going to be playing house. I want to fulfill my childhood dream. Boring? Let me explain. I want to kind of be a "Martha Stewart" for lack of better words. I want to make all meals from scratch (or really close to it), make my own cleaning products, have a schedule, do activities and projects - kind of be Super Mom. And, you all are invited to join me. I'm going to post recipes, let you know what works and doesn't, basically share My Trials and Triumphs of the whole thing! If it totally goes crazy, at least we can all have a good laugh.

Here's what I need from you... I want you to tell all your friends and family, get everyone involved. I want comments, suggestions, your stories.

On the left side bar on my blog, you'll find a place to subscribe to my blog. You'll get updates via e-mail every time I post something. I want to get as many people as possible to join in.

Leave comments!! I'm going to have at least one giveaway and it will be really random and I may not even tell you when it is. Comment a lot!

This "Month of Martha" is just to fulfill my little childhood dream of being a mom. To me, it's more about getting back to the simple stuff, making the most of what you have, and to save money (great in this economy, for sure!). It would be a tragedy to go through life wondering 'what if.' So, I'm taking action. Life, to me, is about enjoying the big and the little moments, squeezing every little ounce of time we have on this Earth and making the best, fruitiest, wackiest punch out of it all! When I die, I want to be able to say "Wow, what a ride," just like Bill McKenna suggests on how we should live.

From "A Month of Martha," each month after I'll be sharing in a new project. I've already got September set up. I'm just full of adventures. But, my goal is to find new ways of enjoying life, fulfilling my dreams, and maybe inspiring others to take a different approach to life. Even if I just inspire someone to get out and try something different, I will be ecstatic! Please join me on this little adventure. Who knows where the paths will take us!
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