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I have been reading an unhealthy amount of self-help books lately.  Not all are self-help, some are creative thinking, creative technique books, etc.  I just wanted to freak everyone out and call them all self-help books.  For some reason, I have felt the urge to just sit back and learn.  The major thing that I ran across in 4 out of the 6 books I've read, is to be quiet and listen to that little voice in your head.  Elizabeth Lesser (author of Broken Open), called that little voice your soul.  Isn't that awesome?  I only thought of it as my conscious, and who wants to listen to the nagging voice?  It just makes perfect sense that your soul is the one yelling at you!

I came up with a little challenge for myself.  Feel free to join if you want.   In the morning and evening, I'm setting aside 5-10 minutes, all alone, to sit and be quiet.  There are Christmas lights up in my studio, so you know I'll plug those in.  Also, I'm pulling out my aromatherapy candles.  I'm trying this for one week to see how it goes.  The point is to be still and listen.  I feel Zen already!


My Design Heroes

I love the Novogratz family.  I had my first taste of their design when they aired Nine by Design on Bravo, and they captured my heart forever.  Robert and Cortney are so amazing - brilliant sense of style, brilliant sense of themselves, and most importantly, brilliantly devoted to their family (seven kiddos!!).  I tuned in for the show religiously (an understatement), for a dose of  design 'breath of fresh air', if you will.

I was sad when Bob and Cortney didn't return to Bravo, but picked up their book (highly recommended) to keep on design dreaming.

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About two weeks ago, while flipping through channels, I saw Cortney on TV, HGTV to be exact!!  The Novogratzs are back with "Home by Novogratz" on HGTV.  I absolutely cannot wait!  It airs tomorrow night, so check your listings.  Not sure you want to watch?  Look at this picture of Novogratz design magic.

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What I love the most about Sixx Designs is the "cajones" they have to just go for it!  They keep to a budget, but keep it fresh and fascinating.  You better tune in, it's so worth your time!!  

On a side note:  Bob and Cortney, you are MORE than welcome to come hang out with me in Colorado!!  =)  Let's go thrift shopping.  Let's decorate something.  Let's design something together!  Oh, that would be a blasty blast!

One more picture:

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Need I say more?


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Happy shopping!


My Element

Have you creative minds out there read this book!?  You have GOT to read it.  My mind was blown about a million times while I read it.  I feel like I know what I'm looking for, I know what I'm doing, and I know how to get there.  I don't want to spoil too much of it, so go read it.

I have learned that my Element has to do with creativity.  I know I want to explore my paths.  I want to nurture my Element.  I also know I need to find a mentor.  There's a lot of work to be done, but it's going to be so rewarding.

The one thing I've really loved about this book is the way Ken breaks everything down, YO!  OK, Ken doesn't 'break it down' like I just pictured a rapper would.  Ken does actually unveil some of the standards we thought we could trust.  He'll tell you stories about the journeys of those who are living in their Element.  Overall, inspiring.  

I'm definitely going to read his next book, "Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative."  I just like his approach to creativity.  It's kind of like he says, "It's OK to be you."  I have heard this many of times, but Ken said it the way I needed to receive it.  

Enough about it, go read!!  Let me know if you're inspired, too!!


Moon Sand {Make it Magical Monday}

After seeing everyone's pins (on Pinterest), we decided to make our own Moon Sand.  I know it can be quite expensive in the stores.  That's probably why we never had it as kids... (feel sorry for me).  But, being the adventurous mother I am, we dove right in.

First off, you'll need sand, cornstarch, and water.  Hopefully, you have water at home, but for the rest, head to the Dollar Store.  The texture of the sand at other places wasn't what I was really going for.  I think the finer sand feels more like the real Moon Sand.  On the other hand, if you're teaching your kids about textures (rough/smooth), I would get different textures of sand.  You could even throw in colorful, fish tank rocks to the rough texture.... man I feel smart.

So, the recipes I have found around the web have varied.  I think any way you go, you'll have to adjust to your liking.  Start out with 1.5 cups of cornstarch, and mix that with 3/4 cups of water until smooth.  (If you want to color your mix, I would stir that in now.)  Then, divide 3 cups of sand to 1 cup each, and gradually mix 1 cup of sand at a time, into the cornstarch mix, until smooth.  It does take a little bit of work and time.  

Our mixture looks... special, because I don't like to follow directions.  Who knew...  Anyways, Dylan wanted it yellow.  At this stage, adding food coloring now will leave nice stains on your hand.  I'm not sure how the coloring does if you follow directions.  I do have one good tip for you!  You know the plastic sheets that you put under your child's high chair?  SAVE THEM!  This plastic mat is perfect to lay down and play in the moon sand.

Once your mixture is complete, invite all your construction and dinosaur friends over to play! 

When the playing is over, I dumped my moon sand into an empty dish-washing detergent bucket.  So simple.  I think the whole project cost me $3.00.  That's a heck of a lot cheaper than off the shelf.  Oh, and don't worry if your mixture gets dry.  Just add 1-2 Tbsp. of water and it'll come right back to life.  Love it!



Did something on Blogger change over night that I'm not aware of?  All of a sudden, my posts aren't formatted how I created them.  My dashboard is squares, that once used to have meaning... I'm so confused.  I'm working on this and will post tomorrow.


Colorado Renaissance Festival 2011 {pt. 2 that I forgot about}

Ooops, I thought I posted this like... a month ago?  Here it is.. oh and check out part 1 if you missed any details, or want to be reminded of the craziness!

My favorite part was the Petting Zoo.  Note:  It's only weird if you go to the Petting Zoo without a child.  Plus, I absolutely love animals, and I feel I have a little Dr. Doolittle in me.  For instance, this sheep, which walked right up to me and smelled that I had no food.  She decided to come closer, so I began to pet her.  This turned into a whole twenty minute ordeal where she even began moving her head to where she wanted to be scratched.  Some ladies asked if the sheep was soft...  (I was going to say something snarky, but played it nice).  Sheep are not soft.  They live outside, roll around in the hay, and produce this insane oil for their wool, which turns your hand black. 

I honestly washed my hands in the pet zoo washing station, then in the bathroom 3 times, then sanitized my hands about 6 more times.  My hand was still oily.  Lesson learned.  I still felt OK about it because I think I made that sheep's life.

There were the usual baby pigs and horses.  All equally adorable and smelly.  Oh, and a random fact I read (and don't remember where)... Did you know that when you see a baby _____ (anything really), it triggers an actual chemical in your brain that makes you soften up and want to care for them?  Crazy, huh?

There was also a rooster in a tower.  Does anyone know why a tower?  Is it a Ren. period thing?  Anyways, Dylan loved that guy.  He would yell, "Cock-A-DOOOODLE-DOOOOO!"  Then, Dylan would yell back, "Do it again!!!"  The rooster would oblige.  It was quite comical, and then I was jealous the rooster wouldn't listen to me.


 Dylan wanted to go on the Butterfly Ride, so we let him.  While we were waiting in line, the husband found a caterpillar on his shirt.  I laughed because I understood the humor of it.  The husband rolled his eyes at me.

 Obviously, he loved the ride.  I just felt sorry for the ladies pushing the whole thing.  It was hot out there.

AND NOW.... for the BEST ACTION of the DAAAAYYYY!!!

This llama, which I have claimed and named Thaddeus (only because he turned out to be kind of snooty).

He followed me around, let me pet him.  Then he ignored me, being cheeky, you know.  And then he came back to me, for the best picture of like... maybe ever, I'm not going to lie.

Yes.  And then we left.  So long Thaddeus.


Five of July

HAPPY 5TH OF JULLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  What?  You don't celebrate the 5th of July?  We do..  It's our six year anniversary!  I cannot believe we have made it to 6 years.  But, when your husband licks your face on a regular basis, you know it's destiny.

As usual, the husband says, "Don't get me anything.  Seriously."  Maybe it's because I like to gift him random objects he has no use for.  Example:  Books.  I made him a gift this year.

It's just a little You and Me scrapbook.  Inside, I put lists like, "I love you because...", and "I Appreciate When...", "Things I Want to Do To With You..." (I couldn't help myself).  But, I think he likes it.  A great bathroom read AND a bonus ego booster.  Yep, I'm queen of gift giving.  Anyways...

Did everyone have an awesome 4th of July?  Did your yards burn down?  I think if we had anything other than those chintsy dudes below, our grass would be black.  But, of course, we have a fire ban... and there's a million fires burning around our area.  Makes for a pretty "meh" 4th, when you have to watch it on TV.

We just basically did whatever we wanted yesterday, then made it up to Dyl today with sprinkler time!!!

That face is priceless.  AND he made me take the following picture to show you all the big belly he's been working on.  Quite an accomplishment for a 3-year-old.

{EDITED:  There used to be a picture here of Dylan, but somehow "Adult" websites have been linking up to it.  THAT IS NOT OK!  You have been warned!!}

Yeah... gotta love him.
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