Rob's Mom by Rob Dyrdek ft. John Mayer

the new hit from John Mayer and Rob Dyrdek.  WHAT!?!  That combo of men confused me at first, but once seeing how hilarious they are together, I'm hooked and want more, please!!  Ok, you just have to watch that episode of Fantasy Factory.  I've seen it 3.5 times already and it's been on for a week.  Everytime this song comes on (which I now have it voice recorded on my phone for a mood booster) I laugh so hard I cry.  Dylan even does his own version belting out "MO MO MO MO."  Watch it here on my blog or click here to go to the MTV site and watch it.  Jump below the video and just listen to the song... at least!!!

Robs Mom - Rob Dyrdek ft. John Mayer



Shop Work

I'm bustin' my behind getting things pulled together for When You Wish Co. The shop is still planning on being opened in October.

Not only will I be making the Wish Jars, but I also have
*Awesome flea market finds
*Working on fabric flower embellishments for pillows, clothing or hair
*Star garlands
*New concepts for the Wish Jars

Stay tuned. I'll post preview pics soon!


First Day of Fall '09

Fall officially begins at 3:18 pm (Mountain time), according to my weather man.  To me, fall started the first day of September.  I've been celebrating for awhile now.  This is how I'm enjoying these very fall feeling days (our highs this week are in the 50's.. brrr!):

Right now, I'm loving big mugs of Pumpkin Ginger Tea by The Republic of Tea, and being cuddled up under that brown throw.  {That's my lap!}  The label says this Pumpkin Ginger tea is a World Market exclusive.  I just looked online and you can only get it in World Market stores and it's not on the tea people's site.  SO, let me share this awesome coffee trick.  I love pumpkin spiced anything, most especially coffee.  It gets really expensive to go to the coffee shop, or to buy specialty bags of coffee.  So, when I go to brew my plain jane coffee, I sprinkle pumpkin spice seasoning on top of the coffee grounds.  To me, it tastes much better than the specialty or coffee shop stuff.  Also, you can sprinkle cinnamon on top of your coffe grounds instead of the pumpkin spice.  Get experimental!  Savin' ya money, yet again!

I'm also seeing a lot of this:

That's my list of things to post for the blog.  {You can get your own blog "To Post" list right here via Erin Vale.  She has a bunch of other freebies on her site.  Check her out and show her some love too.}  The point - I've got some good stuff up ahead!

And let me pause to say THANK YOU to everyone who stops in to read this blog.  I've only been blogging for five months now, so I'm still getting the hang of it.  I'm not professional by any means, but that's part of My Trials and Triumphs!  Thanks again! 


Room-By-Room no. 1 {Dylan's/kid's Bathroom} - Updated

First off, I'm going to start with Dylan's bathroom.  There's bath toys and special "baby" towels and washclothes.  There's lotions, potions, grooming supplies and meds.  All the stuff that you need for you little one seems to take over.  Plus, there's a worry about your child getting into those things you don't want them to.  Here's what I did.  Click on the pictures to get full sized images.

The theme is black, red, and Calvin and Hobbes.  I always loved Calvin and Hobbes when I was growing up.  Dylan now reminds me of Calvin.  (Sighs)  It's perfect.

From the picture above, you can't really see a lot, but remember to keep it simple.  I had used a TON of stuff that I already had - everything that was red.  Saves money, and in a way it's Earth friendly because I'm not out buying all new stuff. 

I hate, hate, hate (!) having too many bath toys.  What we do have fits nicely into these Blink "catch-all" mesh baggies.  Blink was a product line that was aimed towards "soccer moms" to help easily clean up their vehicles.  Needless to say, the line wasn't hugely successful.  (I can't even find a website for them!)  The dollar stores ended up buying out tons of these totes.  Yep, the dollar store to the rescue.  These mesh bad boys come in a pack of 5 for $1.00.  YAY!  Well, what to do with the rest of the totes if you only need one for the bathroom toys? 

I bought up about 4 packs of these things and I use them for -
*produce bags (don't you all hate the plastic baggies at the store?  i can't ever get them opened and feel like an idiot.  plus, using your own is every environmentally friendly),
*outside toy catcher (perfect for sandy/dirty toys.  you can throw them in the tote and hose them off and hang to dry). 
*I also like to use them for dividing up activities.  You can make a little paper tag to tie on the top with the days of the week and child's name.  Say, on Mondays we need 'busy' activites.   I'll throw in coloring books, crayons, stickers, little books... anything to keep Dylan busy for any time span.  If you spend a little time getting the goods together at the beginning of the week, it's amazing how much time you'll free up in the long run.
*I like to have a system where I put everything I need for each stop on my errand route, in different bags.  When I get to that stop, I have everything I need without having to riffle through all my belongings. 
Back to the bathroom -

I've had this set of picture frames for quite some time.  They were a walnut stained wood, which doesn't work with the rest of my home decor.  What did I do?  Paint them black.  Saves money, and reuses what you already have. 

For the artwork inside the frames, I took the 6 Calvin and Hobbes collection books I had.  Found the images I wanted, and scanned them onto my computer.  From there, I opened Photoshop and cleaned up the images.  Print and frame.  {I'm pretty sure I didn't infringe on copyrights because I bought the books?  If that's not ok, someone let me know.}  There's also another image above the toilet (first picture).  In the first picture, to the left of the toilet, I have a black leather magazine holder.  I put all the Calvin and Hobbes books in that.  You know how boys are with their reading materials while they use the bathroom.  Ha.

Sink area - I love saving all my glass jars from candles and pickles.  On the right side of the sink, I took two small candle holders, cleaned them up and use them for cotton balls and cotton swabs.  On the left side, behind the soap I used a Colonial Candle jar for a toothbrush holder.  I love the shapes of these jars for toothbrush holders.  The medicine cabinet holds all Dylan's hair brushes, nail clippers, thermometers, meds.. the usual.  Once he gets old enough to reach that stuff, it will be put away elsewhere.  Until then, it's easy to have all these items close at hand.  The cabinet holds his towels and washclothes on the right side.  There's a baby saftey latch on the left side where his lotions and bubble bath stuff is. 

Also, let's not forget trash cans.  For now, I just have a tiny plain, white, plastic trash can.  If you have diapers in the house, you know how often you need to clean out the trash can.  I make sure I have a stash of plastic grocery bags in our linen closet, so I can go in the bathroom and swoop up those diapers every other day.  The smell?  I combat that with Renuzit Adjustables.  These are those cones that don't plug into anything and you can hide and at my store, they're only $0.94.  I love the Citrus Sunburst scent, very fresh and clean.  I hide it behind the toilet.  Dylan doesn't even know its there!  Click here for offers from Renuzit!

So, there ya go!  Hope this gives you some ideas on how to save money and still decorate fabulously.  Remember to think outside of the box and use items you have or can easily re-do!


Ok, so I thought I threw away all the packaging from my Blink totes.  Luckily, I had one still in the Jeep.  I lied.  They come in a pack of four, not five.  Still a bargain at $1.00, though!  Here's what they look like.


Lazy Sunday

My parents came up to Colorado to look for camping spots.  Really random, but very happy to spend an hour with them whenever I can. 
They brought up a new toy!  It's a photo booth type thing for me to take pictures.  I can't wait to test it out. 

Stop in tomorrow morning and check out my new feature, Room-by-Room.  Basically, I'm taking pictures of each room in my house showing you tips I've used in deocrating.  You may think it expensive to re-decorate, but think again!  I know there has NEVER been a project in my house that I have spent more than $100 on.  Yay!  Let's get excited bloggies!


While the husband's away....

we're playing!  Ok, well I am during nap times.  Look at what I made!

I felt the office chair needed a bright pop of color.  Plus, I needed a pillow to cushion my bum as I am spending hours and hours on this new banner for my blog, reading other peoples' blogs, doing research for the When You Wish Co., and lots of other stuff. 
The fabric, I got at Hobby Lobby.  It's made by Brother Sister Design Studio.  I don't know what line it's from. I've been holding onto it for awhile to make something for the studio, so I don't know if it's still in stores.  Maybe on clearance now?  Just in case you were wondering.
I'll probably make another one to put in my shop.  I will be sure and let you all know as soon as it opens on!  Aiming for October, so I need to get my butt in gear!
Also, I was a geek yesterday and washed the bedding AND ironed my sheets.  I thought I was crazy at first, but once I climbed into bed last night, those crisp, clean sheets carried me to la-la land.  Brilliant!  I don't know if I'll be ironing them on a regular basis, but it's a nice treat.  Just a little thing you can do for yourself. 


Mark Your Calendars!!!

HOLY HAPPY DAY!!  Randomly, I went to to check for new movies coming out and look what I found!!!

Walt Disney and Tim Burton!?  That was my first reaction, but I shouldn't have thought for one minute this wouldn't be amazing.  Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter.  First, he was creepy as Willy Wonka, so I know he's going to give the little children a few complexes with this one.  Second, I love that this movie is coming to life.  To actually be able to see Wonderland through Tim Burton's eyes is going to be fabulous.  I am beside myself and cannot wait until March 5, 2010.  It's going to be a long winter.  haha

And on a side note, check out Tim Burton's website.  I'm a Tim Burton lover.  He's brilliant.


OOOH Goodness!

I've got the bug to switch up my blog again.  As you can see, the background is different.  I'm trying to work on a new banner, and still have no idea what I'm doing.  {If anyone who does know what they're doing wants to help, please let me know!}  I see cute blogs all over, and mine, I feel, isn't up to par.  Also, the husband and I are taking this weekend to work on LOTS of projects.  We better get a lot done!  So, I'm going to leave you with a happy blog to look at.  She's fabulous, from Kansas, and a mom of FIVE!  Love her!

Everyone, have a fabulous weekend. 


The winner is... and my chili recipe!

KU WON!!! YAY!  It was kind of a blow-out, but it always takes me back to Lawrence just watching the games.  So, as promised, here is my chili recipe.  All the ingredients are in yellow for easy reference, plus I can't remember how to make it unless I run through the process in my head.  Scary, I know.

1 lb ground hamburger, 1 green bell pepper, 1/2 a white onion - chop those veggies up and throw them in with the hamburger to brown everything.  Add salt, pepper, garlic powder (or 2 cloves fresh garlic, chopped), chipotle Tabasco, chili powder, onion powder.  The seasoning are all by taste and it's pretty much, if you love it, throw it in!
Drain the grease from the hamburger and veggies, or if you use really lean hamburger you can skip that part because some fat in the chili really tastes nice.  Take all that stuff and throw it into a giant stew pot.  Then add the large can of tomato sauce, large can of diced tomatoes (drain the juice off if you want it really chunky, which is what I prefer).  Also, add a can of dark kidney beans, and drain the juice stuff before you do.  If you like "runny" chili, add another small can of tomato sauce.
This is best when you let everything simmer together for at least 30 minutes.  It saves really great in the fridge for about a week, or in the freezer for about a month.  Goes great on top of Fritos, hot dogs, nachos... anything you'd put chili on.  I love to eat mine with a TON of sharp cheddar cheese.  Others love it with sour cream and green onions on top.  It's all up to you!  Great for Sunday football!

And the winner of the wish jar is.....   Elaine Crenshaw!!   I only had 6 entries, and she had 2 in there.  So, ma send me a message of what you want your jar to look like, or we can design it together when you come out here.  Congrats!! 


My love for KU sports runs deep.

{Photo via KU Athletics}
I guess you all will know what I'm doing on Sept. 5 at 5 pm my time.  The opening page for KU Athletics even says "History Awaits".  How can I deny that? 
It's fall - it's time for football and chili!  I might even post my secret, super-amazing recipe for you all later on.  If KU wins on Saturday, I will post it.  Deal?

{Are you a fan of the Jayhawks?  Scroll down to the bottom of my blog.  Click on songs 62-65 and get
in the Jayhawk spirit!  ROCK CHALK! WOOT WOOT!}


September = FALL!!

This is my favorite time of the year.  "I die!" (as said too often by Rachel Zoe).  I'm incredibly inspired right now.  Feeling a bit of a "growing" period for me.  Not growth spurt as much as emotional/spiritual/Mother Theresa-ish.  Yay for fall!

If I were going back to school, I would need this look.

{via J. Crew here}
If you haven't shopped J.Crew, please do.  Pricey, for some (me included), but a great investment.
I can't wait to try this recipe!!
Look how yummy it is!!
{Photo via Food Network}
Most importantly, I can't wait to spend Labor Day weekend with these people!!
Kind of blurry, but it was on my phone.  And we were laughing... a LOT.
That's all I can think of for now.  I'll be back with more happy fall things this week!  YAY FALL!
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