We Survived!


Oh, how I have missed you all!!  How about those tornadoes?  Holy cow!  My heart seriously does go out to all those affected.  It has been devastating throughout so many areas.  Tornado Alley has been busy, and we were in the middle of it all. 

Two weeks ago, we journeyed out to South Carolina for my brother-in-law's wedding.  It was an amazing week with the family, but after a week, our time was up.  My family had to switch planes in Dallas, usually no big deal, then an hour flight back home.  Nope.  After we get off our plane, I see this. 


The sky was literally green.  There were so many people who had already been on stand-by due to cancelled flights.  It was a nightmare.  Being a Kansas girl, I felt lucky because I knew what to expect with tornadoes.  I knew where to go and what to do to protect myself.  As we were about to board our flight, a hail storm came through and damaged about 50 planes, which all needed to be inspected before they could fly again.  Our flight was supposed to leave from DFW at 5:00 pm-ish, but we kept getting delayed until our pilot was unable to fly due to sleep standards.  Brilliant.

By the time our flight was pronounced cancelled, all the hotel rooms within a 25 mile radius of the airport were booked.  We thought, 'Hey, we'll get a rental car and just drive home!'  Nope, all the cars were booked with every company.  Sigh.  I started crying... like full body crying like someone had died.  I was tired, stressed, distraught, dirty, and have a 3-year-old.  Luckily, there were some amazing people at the airport that gave up their cots so we had a place to sleep.  We were on hold with the airline for 3 hours trying to get booked on a different flight.  The next available flight was on Friday... that day was Tuesday.

With 50 planes damaged and 60+ flights cancelled, DFW looked something like this.

The next morning, Dave's uncle had gotten in touch with him and made arrangements for us to get a hotel room.  We were on stand-by for two flights that morning, but with close to 100 people on the list, our chances were grim on Wednesday afternoon.  We decided to camp out at the hotel for a day or two, recharge, and then tackle the airport on Friday.

I just want to say, thank goodness for Dave's uncle!!  He and his family were awesome!!  They took us out to dinner... yumm!!  Then we headed over to Target to get some basics.  {Let me just give everyone a warning... ALWAYS pack some sort of clothing and toiletries in a carry-on bag.  We did not this trip and were stuck with nothing but our phone chargers and some magazines.  No bueno.}  The family also took us bowling.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with them, to get out of the hotel, and to have some unexpected family time.  But finally, on Friday - after four days in Dallas, we got a flight to an airport close to us.  We had to have a friend come get us (thank you so much SL!!), but so glad we were able to get home! 

I know our little adventure doesn't even compare to the tragedies throughout the midwest.  But, it does put my troubles into perspective.  Be thankful, even when the skies are green!


What I Have Been Missing

{via someecards via CampMoxie on Pinterest}

I just had to share this pointless flier.  It is hilarious and brilliant.  Check out more pointless fliers from someecards.  Just don't blame me when you can't tear yourself away!  Love them!  Happy Friday!!


Dream Week - Me

I am going to have to admit that I'm a Pinaholic.  Yep.  I have spent about 5 hours pinning and dreaming and becoming inspired.  So, I decided that this week, I'm going to share some of my dreams.  Some may be crafty, some may be inspirational.  I feel I want to do a little Soul Spring Cleaning, if you will.  Today, I'm going to start off with the ME dreams.

I dream of a hanging bed/bench where I can sit outdoors and relax.  I would love to be able to drink tea and read books.  I would love to smell the fresh air and enjoy the sounds of nature.  I dream of the peaceful time where I can recharge myself.

I would be in heaven at this house.  Oh, dear owners of this home, please pass it on to me!  Actually, I would love to own my own home.  We've been renting for like 6 years now.  My design side is just itching to tear down walls and do any kind of decorating/painting/remodeling.  I can't wait for that day to come!

{found on CampMoxie's Pinterest board}

I dream of having a cute wardrobe.  I'm not totally girly, but not quite a tomboy.  I love elements of both sides, but have to be comfortable, because I'm a mom.  I dream of at least looking like I have it pulled together.  I need major styling help.  Thank goodness I have lots of cute ideas started on Pinterest.   

There are so many dreams to dream.  I love to dream.. and dream big!  These were a few of the dreams on my mind at this moment.  More to come!


Belle of the Ball? pt. 2

The ball was FABULOUS!  My husband "enjoyed" himself, my feet suffered a slow death, but I felt HOT.  Here's the re-cap.

We dropped the kiddo off a our friend's house, and picked up her husband.  She said, "I feel like you guys are going to prom, and I'm your mom!!  Group shots!!"  haha.  Gotta love her.

You can see the full package.  I replaced the original bow with a sheer black ribbon.  It was wired ribbon, which proved to be difficult throughout the night.  I felt like I always had to readjust and all.  But, bigger is better, like I said in the pt. 1.  You can also see my new bracelet, that used to be a necklace.  All I had to do was slide some of the beads apart until I reached my desired length.  I snipped the ends of the necklace closures off and just tied the ribbon in a bow.  Awesome way to use what you have already!  If you don't like it, change it!  I did my hair differently than I had planned.  It had a mind of it's own that night, and there was nothing I could do to convince my hair otherwise.  So, I just went with the flow.  I wish I had taken a picture of the back.  My bangs did a cute little curl up on the side, which swept back into a messy bun.  Love.

Here's our group shot from "mom".  lol.  I wished I wouldn't have been slouching.  You gotta keep the shoulders back in ball gowns ladies.

Here's our couples picture for the night.  I think this is the ONE and ONLY picture I have of husband and I together out of the three balls we've gone to.  Hm.  Again.. I LOVE those shoes.  I wish I could wear them all the time with no consequences.  :)

Before dinner was served, we all did toasts to the Commander in Chief, to the Army, to the 4th ID, to the Brigade, to the Squadron, to the ladies (wooo hoo! and pictured below).  We also toasted to those who gave "the last full measure of devotion" (their lives).

And what do we toast with?  There's a little punch called the Grog.  It's a huge Calvary tradition, where each of the section leaders brings forth ingredients to make a punch type of thing.  One year, it was AMAZING.. this year it was... STRONG!  Here's the link to a sample of the Grog ceremony.  And what is the reaction to drinking this Grog?

Yep.  Just sayin'...

Had to share of picture of one of my best girl friends and I.  Hot mamas!  ;)

I think the rest of the night, my face pretty much looked like this.  A "I-can't-believe-he's-going-to-do-that-but-I-can't-stop-watching-nor-interfere" look.  It was a celebration for the soldiers and by George, they celebrated.  There was lots of drinks, dancing, talking, laughing.  It was a good time.  Except for this moment.

But, we have a silly way of loving each other.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Overall, I had a blast.  It was great to be part of something so huge and memorable.  I mean, the Army is kind of a big deal.  ;)  And these are moments I will never forget.  God bless this country!


My Favorite Spot

Hello everyone!!  I hope all the mothers out there had a fabulous Mother's Day!  I know I did.  The husband woke up extra early to sneak out and grab Starbucks and doughnuts.  Yummm!  He even did the laundry and cleaning for me.  I'm such a lucky lady.  What made it even more great was that husband surprised me with my favorite flowers and a card.  So sweet!

I love orchids and they fit so beautifully in the studio.  I love having a bit of organic life in here!

Once we were all on a sugar high from breakfast, we headed to the lawn and garden store for some plant shopping!!  I love getting flowers to put outside for Mother's Day.  It's so nice to bring color and charm to our house after a long and cold winter.  Here's a look at what we did.

New plants in my hanging baskets.

A close-up of the planter by our front door.

New mulch... it's amazing the little things that make me happy. :)

The lilac bush is in FULL bloom, and it smells fabulous!!  There's a fat Mr. Bumblebee that is having a blast in there.

Also this little bush is in bloom.  I'm not sure what it is.  Honestly, I don't have a green thumb.. it's brown.  But, when I get a chance to enjoy anything that's alive, I do!

Here's a peek at the little front porch.  It's like a secret hideaway when the trees are leafed (??).  There are trees on all sides.  I like to think we can spy on the neighborhood and remain undetected.  But now, the secret is out.

Isn't the morning light perfect?  Ahhh..  I love that time of day.

This is where I sit to enjoy it all, with coffee in hand.  Ahh yes.  After the yard work, I did enjoy a little brew in my rocking chair.  I didn't move until the birds starting swarming to the trees.  I know they're eyeing my chair ready to drop a big ole deuce on it.  Sigh.  

It was a perfect day of relaxation and enjoying the new life outside.  How did you celebrate Mother's Day? 



Well, you may see I've changed some things around.  I'm still feeling it out, but would love to hear what you think.  I'll be adding more to the blog and also Camp Moxie!  Yay for caffeine highs!
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Belle of the Ball?

Tonight, the hubs and I get a fancy date night for the Military Ball.  It's a formal event, so you know I'm stoked to get dolled up!  Here's what I'm thinking...

My dress!!  It's such a great spring color with lace trim and fluffy underside.  My only issue was I needed a bigger bow, duh.  haha.  So, I went to my trusty craft supplies and found some sheer, wired, black ribbon.  That'll do, because when it comes to formal, BIGGER is BETTER!

I can't wait to wear these shoes!!!  They're by Guess and I got them at Ross, for $30!  Seriously.  And here comes my issue.. I'm a girly tomboy, who doesn't wear heels.  I've got to practice wearing these babies (like all day), so I don't have dinosaur feet... STOMP STOMP STOMP CRASH!!

Sweats and heels... HOT.  ;)  Does anyone have any heel tips?  I never had to learn to wear them.  But, I really want to wear these shoes again.  Lace shoes = LOVE.

I think I'm going to wear the black lace trim in my hair.  It's ribbon I found in my craft stash, which will soon be fashioned into some sort of headband or wrap.  Perfect.  Simple pearl-ish earrings, and this choker/necklace.

Sorry for the blurry picture.. I just wasn't too excited about the overall look of it, if you couldn't tell by the expression on my chin, ha.  So what shall I do?  I'm channeling my J.Crew styling (psh) and changing it into a chunky bracelet... somehow.

I'll have to show you the final look and DIY's for transforming my accessories next week. 


This is what I'm going to try for my hair, since I chopped it off.  The lace will look cool instead of the double headband.  What do you think?

I'm going to paint my nails a lavender color, with sparkles.. different and fun. 

Fingers crossed that it all works out!!  Now I'm off to get ready!!


Cinco de Mayo! (Food and Crafts)

Happy Cinco de Dylan Mayo!!

Even though I am not of Hispanic origin, or have any Latin background, I still love a good celebration.  Who doesn't?  So here's some fun little bits to brighten your celebration!
{via Made}

Aren't these ruffled streamers AH-MAZING!?  I just want to canvas my whole house in bright crepe paper ruffles.  Guess what, you can too!!  Go check out Dana's tutorial here!!

{via Made}

Imagine the color combinations!  Ooooh!

{via Made}

What if you just had miles and miles of ruffled crepe paper, rolled up in a basket, ready for any occasion?  Oh, how delightful.  This totally made my day!  Thanks Dana!!

Also, FOOD!  This is a HUGE must.

You must go to Chipolte and grab a bag of chips with a side of Pico de Gallo.  Seriously.  Every time I'm near Chipolte, I stop in and grab a bowl, like what they use for the meals, full of Pico de Gallo, and four bags of chips.  You would think I would share with the family... guess again.  :)

Look at this awesome Southwest Pasta Salad... drool!

What about Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos!?  *stomach growls*

{via eHow}

Also, you MUST have a margarita!  I'm choosing the SkinnyGirl Margarita.. mama needs to keep the calories in check.  Here's the recipe:  Make a Skinny Girl on the rocks by adding ice to a rocks glass, add 2 oz. (a two-count) of white tequila, the juice of four lime wedges and a splash of Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau. It's that easy!

We are set!!  Who's coming over to party!?


Afternoon Update


We finally have sun!!  After the continuous snow and cloud coverage, our favorite, the sun, has come out to play!  We're going to meet him outside and enjoy the afternoon.  I think we all have cabin fever!  Blah!

Don't forget to head over to Camp Moxie and check out my vintage goods!



Open for Business!

I am so excited to announce, Camp Moxie is now up and running!!!  After years of dreaming, months of planning, and hours of anxiety, my little seed is blooming!

I do have to thank all of you who have been supportive, with your kind words and thoughts!  {(Special Shout-Outs) Virginia, I love your support and kindness!  It just seems to flow through the web!  Louana, woman you are wonderful!  Thank you for sending kind thoughts and support when I really needed it!}  What would I do without your amazing support?

Also, my handsome and fabulous husband... even though you are pretty skeptical, thank you for your patience.  I know it must be tough being a realist... ;)  But, I do love you and thank you so much for being open to my dreams.

OK, I feel like I just gave an acceptance speech.  Head on over to my shop!  I would love to hear your feedback.  And keep checking in!  I'll be adding more and more items to the shop over the next week or two!  

THANK YOU!!!!!! 
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