It's a Mad, Mad World - with tea!

First off, I have to say I have ALWAYS loved Alice in Wonderland. I remember waaaaay back, long ago, my grandparents bought me an "old timey" version of the book. I was about 8-9 and I sat in my bed, under the covers with my little flashlight and read it over and over. I always wanted to have tea with the Mad Hatter and company. Guess what, now I can!!

I have a blog crush on Vanessa of "A Fanciful Twist" (click on the link or the picture above to check out her blog - it's dreamy!). Vanessa happens to be the ring leader of the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party! I'm so excited because I missed last year... who knows what I was doing. But, this year, I'm making scones and getting "special tea" (and I honestly don't know what tea I'm getting yet). OOOOH and I get to find a pretty dress. It's all online, yes, but we have to celebrate life one way or another.

Thank you to Vanessa for being so inspirational! I can't wait until June 27th!

Summer Dreamin'

I'm so ready for summer. Somehow, it's magically refreshing! Actually, it's more of a chance for me to thaw out from the cold winter, but I love it all the same.

I figured that I was going to profess my summer goals to the world. Maybe someone will hold me accountable. I have a terrible time answering to myself on most things.

First off, this summer I am going to finish projects that I've started years ago. I have a trunk to paint for Dylan. I have a TON of stuff to take to Goodwill. I need to finish up a rocking chair that my granny gave me. There's lots of scrapbooking to do. Also, flea and farmers markets that need my visiting.

Nothing says summer, to me, more than spending time outside. Dylan is at the age where he LOVES to be outside. The second his nostrils get a whiff of fresh air, he goes crazy. He'll tell stories and walk around, explore, play in any water puddles. It's so fun to see him notice the world around him. Also, I get an opportunity to show him the world and see it again for the first time through his eyes. We are going to be outdoor explorers and be thankful for every day we have to experience it.

{Top photo via Alicia Bock (on Etsy)}
{Bottom photo via Beth Retro Photography (on Etsy)}


Monkey Watch

I almost forgot about these guys until I read my own damn post... Anyways.. the Monkeys are alive.. I only pulled 3 black lifeless bodies out of the tank.. I am so proud of myself!!!

Life.. is GOOD

I just want to say this is an honest, un-enhanced view from my back step, which I took with my phone (let me just say wow!). To the left, a friggin' storm is a-brewin' (Lol, yes, I'm from the Midwest). To the right, you will see the most beautiful colors of life just hit your eye ball in the most flattering way that I think it might make one cry. This is truly what I have been through lately. Good -vs- Bad.
As much as I know the last few months have drove me crazy, I live for the real life moments like this.
It doesn't matter who's (whom's) system was bumpin' a little too hard, or which child was yelling in the background.... I heard nothing. I felt what the world was showing me.
Life is good... NO MATTER WHAT!!


Dreaming of Relaxation

This has totally been one crazy month! We had an army ball, wedding, my brother came to visit AND next weekend my parents are coming to visit. The weekend after that, my grandparents are coming. So busy! I've been spring cleaning, which isn't a blasty blast. I've gone through cabinets and closets, cleaned high and low. It's still not done.. I have a child. The only thing I can think of doing is grabbing a jug (not a bottle, a JUG) of wine and sitting in the tub for 7 hours. My 'to-do' list is getting longer and projects keep piling up. Does anyone actually finish their lists?? I would like to meet this person.

Anyways, I was on Etsy and found these bath products that look AMAZING! Anything from Ms. SpaGoddess (photo via her Etsy shop) would help my poor body right now. I need a BREEEEEAAAAAK!


To: Mom

Without you I wouldn't be here (obviously), where I am in life, and the way I am. I get my clumsiness, inability to finish projects (oh, how I LOVE projects), ADOH (Attention Defecit, OH SHINY!) all from you. But, best of all, I get lots of my looks, my character, my inspiration from life, my optimism and strength directly from you. I love that you are my mom and one of my best friends (I can't leave out Dave and a few others - sorry lol). Most importantly, I love that you are who you are and don't give a $*%@. We can have fun by going to flea markets and look for treasures (not junk!), or just acting a fool in the doctor's office. It's always a blast with you around! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my mom. Words can't tell you how thankful I am for all that you have done, whether you know it or not. I love you.

Photo via Jennifer Squires



So, I'm running around like a chicken without a head. There's a TON of stuff going on and I want to just say, I'm working on stuff for the blog, I'm doing projects around the house, I'm getting ready for a ball, I'm trying to do last minute stuff so I can go to this wedding, I'm getting ready for this and that and I don't even know that I'll enjoy Cinco de Mayo (other than eat Pico de Gallo - total YUM!). SO that's what I'm doing and I'm hoping to get back on the blog train with bigger and better things next week!


Casual Friday

If you aren't a follower of The Office, you really should be. I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time. 30 minutes of pure joy, which is even better with a beer in your system. Total kudos to Meridith (pictured above) for her casual wear. [Toby: Meridith I think you need to pull your dress down a little. Meridith: What is it with you people? -And as she pulls her dress down, the boob makes an appearance. lol... still makes me laugh!] If I had an office job, I would love to work at Dunder Mifflin, the Scranton branch.

Photo found via NBC
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