New Moon

Every lady/most ladies I know have been waiting for more Edward Cullen.  It's here and I hear it's amazing.

Me?  Love the whole Twilight series.. can't wait for it to come out... on DVD.  I wasn't fully impressed with the first movie.  The second book (New Moon), wasn't my favorite either.  I do still want to see New Moon and am in no way bashing anything about the Twilight series of books or movies.  It's just that when it's not cool to see New Moon anymore, I'll be watching it at that point.  Plus, I'll be at home in my Pjs and overstuffed, comfy chair, with a glass of wine in hand.  I do treasure my movie viewing experiences. 

For all those brave enough to go out on release weekend, may it be pleasurable, and untainted by the whining teenagers sobbing hopelessly for Jacob, or Edward.  lol


Tonight, I am

so excited for this:

Photo via Fuse.Tv

Fuse TV Presents John Mayer Live from the Beacon Theater

I have and will always love a man who plays guitar.


One Dedicated (Ice Cream) Man.. for lack of nicer words

I walked outside today to get a fresh breath of air and relax becase Dylan had pricked my last nerve.  Not one second after I sat on the front step and actually took a 'calm, cleansing' breathe, I hear La Cucaracha, the Ice Cream Truck remix.

It's November 12!!!  I thought these guys retired after Labor Day.  Isn't that a rule?  Does someone have that in writing?  I've heard this same song every day at 3:47, give or take a few minutes, for the last 112 days.  No joke.  I guess it's funny after I complain about it. 


Thanks to all our Military!

This is a picture of my husband doing his job.  It's a tough job because he's missed so much at home, but he's also given everyone else so much.  I don't want to be mushy, but THANK YOU SOLDIERS!  Thank you to the family and friends that have been supportive to our soldiers and their families.  You have no idea how much your support means to everyone involved.  Please continue to remember our soldiers.  It keeps their heads up knowing that America, the world, still cares about what they are trying to accomplish.


Needed to find

 my own little "Eye of the Tiger"/ motivational / kick-butt song. 

I remember getting the link to this guy on MySpace, and I was a little unsure at first.  He's supposed to be an amazing mastermind with the keyboards and effects.  His appearance didn't make me think that at first.  Then, when Ronald Jenkees started playing, MAN!  I developed a little 'swagger' in my computer chair.  Ronald made me want to do a strut around the house like I was somethin' hot.  He pumped me up, proved me wrong, and made me an instant fan!  Check him out.


It began on Halloween

I got sick.

Not just down and out for a day or so, but not being able to eat anything for 3 days, becoming dehydrated and not being able to caatch up on sleep due to a  to year old.  I tell ya, I should've been blogging that whole time, but I couldn't focus.  My body made sure I knew I wasn't feeling good.  At one point, I recall my stomach yelling up my throat "I hate you!"  Yeah, it was that bad.  Then, I felt better by Friday.  My parents were worried about me, so they drove up.  Walt thought I was going to die of swine flu.  But, it wasn't that serious. 

Now, I'm alive and just trying to organize and edit these darn pictures so I can get you all caught up!  Until the morning, I'm going to catch some beloved ZZZZZs!  Nighty Night!
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