Happy Project!

I went "shopping" in my basement stash of unused items.  I found this charging station.

For us, it was more in the way than actually helpful.  I hate leaving things plugged in when you don't use them, and I hate not having my phone with me at all times.  This ended up in the stash not even a month after purchasing it.  I was in love with them when I saw it on Pottery Barn, but wasn't paying $65 for a wooden box.  Got this one at Big Lots for $10.  Not bad.  But, I didn't use it so here's what I did.

Remove the hardware on the back side.

Then, sand it all down.

The faux wood doesn't sand well.  Everything was pink in my kitchen.  Blah.

Then, I wiped it off and mixed up this light green paint color.

I used a lot of different colors, so there is no exact name for it.  Ashley Green no. 92.4?  Once the first coat dries completely, slap on some good ole crackle paint and make sure you cover the whole thing.  I botched a couple spots, but not bad.  I think imperfect is much better.

Once the crackle paint dries, add your contrasting top coat.  Everyone uses brown and white and I think it gives a more country feel to it.  I was going for modern and interesting, so I used this blue.

Once, that dried up, it began to crackle and expose the green underneath.

So cool!  I didn't replace the top tray thing because I'm now using this to hold business files.  It could also make a great mail organizer for by the front door.  (Self, remember that!)  Anyways, I want to crackle paint everything now.  Hopefully the husband won't mind! 

Everything around the house has been kind of up-in-the-air.  The husband is on leave before his deployment.  I really want to stay on top of the blog, while being able to spend ample of family time.  In the end, the family wins out.  But, once I get spare time, I'll schedule posts to keep my readers entertained.  Fair warning, don't  leave me!  Have a happy Tuesday!


Potatoes have ambitions too!

Obviously, these potatoes had bigger plans than I could offer them. 

Yesterday was eventful.  If you're on my facebook, you've followed the whole saga.  My husband is in the Army.  This week, he was in a combatives class.  Basically, the point of combatives is to learn to protect and defend yourself.  They use UFC fighting techniques or Mixed Martial Arts.  Here's a video if you have no idea what I'm talking about. 

Turns out, yesterday's class was teaching about face shots.  The students were to be punched in the face, so they could learn how their bodies would react and how to defend themselves.  Fun. 

The husband went up and first shot he took was to his nose.  This poor nose was already broken about 2-3 years ago.  Needless to say, it happened again.  He went to the ER and they said his nose was broken back into place.  Convenient? 

I felt bad because two nights ago, he was snoring SO loud.  I couldn't sleep, I couldn't wake him up to roll over, I was frustrated.  I thought to myself 'I wish something would happen to fix that dang nose.'  And my wish came true. 

Last night, husband slept like a baby.  No snoring.  Peace at last!

I really wanted to take a picture to put it on here, but he won't let me do it until his eyes have really turned black.  I think he's being dramatic.  He thinks he's being manly.  Go figure. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I have a VERY exciting project to share on Monday.  Is anyone doing any cool projects they want to share?



Big Boy (and Girl) Pants...

I shared the other day about how Dylan is starting to potty train.  Well, the honest truth is that I've been trying to train him since the begining of January.  *sighs*  He's been wearing his "big boy pants" aka Pull-Ups since we've started.  I read that if you change them back to diapers, it confuses the child about the process and they revert.  Hmm.  I figured after a month and a half of training, we'd get to an agreement.  No.  I just got peed on.  Literally.

This is the offensive wet spot on my leg.  Thinking I spilled my coffee (warm all the same) on myself, I checked the kid.  This is what I found.

Crazy how they match, right?

After the clean-up took place, I realized this may have been the metaphor that I needed.  I guess it helps when the metaphor comes in an annoying/disturbing form?  I decided that I needed to put my "big girl pants" on and take care of the things that have been bothering me for awhile. 

Yesterday, I tackled my Goodwill giveaway pile in the garage.  Last summer, we inherited a storage unit full of everything from a friends' apartment.  Turns out, we have everything for a house already.  You can imagine the piles lined up in my garage.  Wish I had a picture to share, but not really.  It was bad.  After 45 minutes of mulling through the piles to finalize the giveaway, I loaded up my Jeep (every inch possible) and toted my goods to donate.  In the end, it took maybe 2 hours (that's kid time, too) to clean away my mess and lighten my load.  Ahhh!

So here's to lightening the load!  Put on your "big boy/girl pants" and tackled something that you've been procrastinating!  I feel like a new person and I've only just begun!  Potty training, here I come!


More totes!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and weekend.  The husband had a 4 day weekend, so I thought I was on vacation too.   It feels like Monday.. Oh no!  I'll get my butt in gear, maybe after noon?  ha!  Anyways, I did get a few things done that I wanted to share.

 I was so excited about the response of my last post, I made more totes!  I want to show more of the diversity that I can do with the totes.  

I used a KU patch and fabric for the lettering.  Going to try to use more fabric because it's so fun!

Thankfully, the hubs didn't want this polo shirt anymore.  I washed it, and hacked away until it was perfect for this tote.  Perfect Rock Chalk colors.  This tote is currently for sale.  Send me an email {thebluesombrero(at)} if you would like this one.

And this one has been brewing in my head for awhile.  Loved to see it take life.

Tried my hand at a leather flower, which is the center.  I think it came out pretty well.  Let's see what else this leather can do for me!

Love this tote!  It's for sale as well.  {thebluesombrero(at)}

I've been busy trying to get the business side set up for The Blue Sombrero.  If anyone has any pointers for business start-ups, please fill me in.  I'll post more on my family life and what's been going on here this week.  Have a happy day everyone!


Once We Stop Dreaming...

we lose ourselves, our spark for life.  We lose everything we've aspired to be.  We've given up on living full life. 

Wow.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I've blogged.  I think I needed to dive into something creative, something real.  I love blogs, but there's a time where you need to go live your life, just so you have something to blog about.  Something real.  Something with Trials and Triumphs.  I read this post by Edie Wadsworth.  She's an amazingly inspiring blog model (a blogging role model) to me.  If you're a blogger, you should check it out.  But, after reading Edie's post, I felt like it was my turn to let you in on our little world right now.

Boy, let me tell ya - it's been interesting around here lately. 

This guy has been wearing potty training pants for about 2 months.  The only problem is, he won't try to use his potty.  I guess it's just not his time, but I fear putting him back in diapers.  My next plan of action is to let him pee on Cheerios.  Fingers crossed it works!

This guy (the husband), has been busy with work.  They're going to be taking the great journey overseas back to Iraq.  (ajdgk;asughuig = frustration)

This chick (me on the left.. with my ADORABLE niece Kenadie) has been busy being mom, wife, military wife (there's a HUGE difference in those two roles), crafter and dreamer.  I have found some time to come up with some exciting new products.  Yes, products!  I'm starting my own business!

Let me share!!


This is the bird bag.  I've redone almost everything on this little tote.  Then, I posted it on my facebook page and got my first order.  The final product of that order is this.

This is the Samantha Rocker Chic bag.  I had another order come in after posting this one.  It was for another Rocker Chic Bag and then a custom.  Which the second Rocker Chic bag was similar, so I won't share those pictures.  But the custom order brought something else to it all.

I'm in LOVE with these little guys.  From the response I've gotten, I can tell these will be a big hit.  So, here's the deal.  Throughout the rest of February, I'll be taking orders via my personal facebook (for my friends and family) and through [thebluesombrero (at)].  The bags will be $30 each and then it's about $8 for shipping per bag.  This price will only be good if you place an order in February.  Now, that doesn't mean you have to pay for it immediately.  If you know you want bags for Christmas, place your order now with what you want and how many.  Once I recieve your payment, I'll work on your bag and get it shipped to you.  Once February is up, I'm going to be opening my Etsy shop.  The prices will go up a little to cover for the additional shop fees.  I want to keep the quality of the bags up and the cost down as effectively as I can.  I'm very flexible about the styling for your bags.  So far, I've been able to do everything I've been asked about.  

This week, I'll be working on new designs and will post them on here as they are completed.  The bird bag is currently ready and for sale.  First come first serve!  I really appreciate the customers I've had and my SPARK is Alive!!  Thank you readers for supporting me! 
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