Saying Goodbye

Today, I spent my afternoon balling my eyes out at a Memorial Ceremony for our friend. That guy up there, Josh Carter, was one amazing guy. I wasn't really really close to him, but he was the guy that you would meet and feel like you've known him a lifetime. All of our memories were always fun and exciting, little adventures if I may say so. It's hard to lose someone like that. You will forever be missed and thank the lord you, Josh, were doing something you loved when your time came. Rest in Peace buddy.

I hate saying goodbye. Especially when it involves family, friends, and loved ones.

Here is one good goodbye - we're moving! The hubs and I have decided to take the plunge and move to the 'burbs. I'm really excited because I get a WHOLE HOUSE!! YAY! Which leads into "A Month of Martha." I'm going to post about that tomorrow because it's kind of a really exciting thing and I have a lot to say.

Goodnight, no goodbyes my bloggies!


Let them eat cake!

How cute is this!? I'm so in love with Crankbunny. She's an animator/graphic designer by day, and a pop-up card, paper puppet making, blogger by night. I love everything in her shop! Every-bloggie should for sure check her out. I am inspired to create things. Can't wait until I get my studio set up!! {Yes!! MY STUDIO!!! I will later fill you all in on the details. For now, just know it is in the works.}

Photo via Crankbunny


It seems I have been missing.

I really have been working on my blog, I promise. This guy came along and has been distracting me - to say the least. But, of all things, this guy does come first. Honestly, how can you turn down a face like this?

We've been catching and cuddling with Jagger.

No swings, no slide, no dirt - chasing pigeons. That's his favorite thing to do at the park. And it's hilarious to watch. Being 20 months old, he doesn't really have any skills in the arena of "sneaking up on (fill in the blank - anything)." When Dylan sees a bird, any bird (on land or in air), he'll run screaming trying to herd it into his arms. Too much! Hopefully, I can get a video of this spectacle before he grows out of it.

He's found his way up onto the coffee table. It's his new perch for el-primo TV viewing, snoozing or dancing. The face is priceless because he knows he's been caught.

Then, the first trip to a real pool!! Move over blow-up giraffe baby pool - we've hit the jackpot! He only tried to drown once, lol. No, we were watching him the whole time. He was trying to reach for something and leaned a little too far in. At that point, he slipped and began flopping around like a fish. Once he was okay, it was too funny. Just babies learning how the world works.

There he is with dad trying to super soak people. He tried his 'darndest' to work that bad boy.
So, yes, I have been busy. I'm going to be taking some time later on to work up a few posts. I'll get some 'real' pictures with my camera. The cell phone doesn't give me what I want. I have projects, house news, family news.. everything.. so YAY! I'm back!



I'm trying to re-work my blog and get it how I really want it. Well, this is going to lead to it looking crazy and a little... awkward. Sorry, I'm really trying my best, but I have no idea what I'm doing. =0)


Ready for something else

{This is kind of just going to be a verbal sigh for me.}

Since the first week of May, I feel like it has been nonstop running around doing things for everyone else and just putting on the smile for show.
The other day at Wal-Mart, I thought I was being polite and taking a stand against the line jumpers. Not just one, but 5 others were rude enough to think their time was worth more than mine or anyone else waiting patiently in line. I've heard some harsh words, when I thought I was doing the right thing in multiple cases. Well, I'm done. I'm stepping back for me.
When people say "You deserve it," don't you usually shrug it off and tell yourself that it was just the right thing to do? Right now, I do, totally and honestly, need to be selfish and say that I'm not giving more of myself than I really can right now.. or maybe ever.
I am jealous of those who really know who they are and where they fit into life.
Ashley Crenshaw, you deserve to find yourself, too! (Pumping myself up mentally.)

I'm just going to say that I AM taking time for myself, but a lot of that time is going to include making my blog just more than what it is now. I love the fact that technology has advanced to this point in time. I can share my feelings, my creativity - maybe I can even encourage or inspire someone along the way. I have a BAH-zillion projects that I have done and photographed. I really want to share them all! I know I've been inspired by so many creative people online, I want to join that club.
Anywho, I'm off to chill out and sit with my thoughts for awhile. Have a fan-tab-ulous night!
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