Spring is beautiful!

Recently, I've been working on detoxifying myself.  Tomorrow is the 3 week mark in being a non-smoker!!  I've been drinking this stuff to detoxify myself.

Kombucha - check it out for sure! You can get it at a natural grocery store.

That ring around the bottom is the Kombucha mushroom.  This is a Raw, Organic, Live drink.  When drinking, I suggest you just open up and not think about it.  There's chunks.  BUT, I can't believe how much better I feel when I drink this stuff. 

Let me just tell you all the goodies it does for ya... There are "Active Enzymes, Viable Probiotics, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, and Polyphenols.  All of these combine to create and elixir that immediately works with the body to restore balance and vitality."  (Taken from the label.)

Not only does this magical tea bring new life to my body, it comes in a cool bottle.  So, I've saved them all and removed labels, cleaned out mushroom gunk, and created something magical in my kitchen window.


My backyard is not worthy of a photoshoot, but the trees are blooming and beautiful.  I love nature.  I love spring!  I'm loving the little details in life.  And now, I'm off to find more magic with this little guy. 

Don't you love his photography skills? ha



Instead of smoking...

I have been rockin' the workout gear!  Here's proof via Crystal Stewart....

And I'm drinking a homemade, ultra-heathy, happy, tasty smoothie. 

{Here's what I whipped up in that smoothie: light key lime pie yogurt (get your hands on Greek yogurt if you can!!), handful of frozen strawberries, handful of frozen blueberries, a little milk and then blend away!}
It has felt so amazing to quit smoking and start living.  I have freed myself and it's amazing that I can actually FEEL it!  This year, I'm kickin' butt and taking names!  
Get out and take a walk today!  Try 30 minutes, 15.. anything!  If you're kickin' butt, I'll let you be on my team.  hehe


Holy Guac!

I didn't mean to be away so long.  I think if this was a serious relationship, I would've left myself.  It has been an interesting month though.

The husband has made it to the giant sandbox that's located in the Earth's armpit.  Such a dreadful place.  But, thank you soldiers!  I know I couldn't tough it out over there!

This mama has been smoke free for one whole week!  I did take Chantix, but only for 8 days.  That drug is hardcore and I'm not generally the one to even take Tylenol.   You can imagine how paranoid I was about all the side effects.  But, I was lucky enough to have mild side effects and the strong urge to be free!  Along with taking Chantix, I read 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking' by Allen Carr.  Allen Carr, you're AMAZING and THANK YOU for opening my eyes to what was really going on.  I recommend this book to anyone with a nicotine addiction.  Don't spend your money on other nicotine subsitutes, they just make it worse.  I learned the hard way.  Just spend your money on the book, and maybe Chantix... just talk to your doc.   

This little guy is growing up so fast.  I just don't even know what to say.  He had been pushing every button that I had today.  But, tonight we sat down on the couch to wind down and cuddle.  Little man was under the blanks (blankets) and sitting up trying to watch the movie.  I was totally absorbed/braindead/tired.  Dylan looked at me and snuck me a little kiss and then curled up under my arm.  He knows how to get me.  This boy is a such a sweetheart!

As for 'work', I've been looking around my studio and I'm seeing TONS of happy projects and things that need to be made.  We'll see what I come up with, but something does have to involve goodies for the hubs.  If he's lucky!  ha

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