Little Did I Know

that Rice-A-Roni, when placed in the microwave, sets on fire. Being a good little cook, I followed directions (are they really hard to follow anyways, come on). I have cooked this rice in the microwave a million times before, being a college student with little/no income. I know this whole microwave-ing thing should be easy and will produce the same outcome each time. Correct?

Well, mama bear was taking care of baby bear while the Roni was doing it's cooking in the oven and KA-BAM! The smoke alarms go off. I run up to the kitchen to make sure the microwave itself was not on fire. Nothing there. I tramp up to the top floor and open the windows to air out the smoke. I run back down to the kitchen, while baby bear is in the basement (banging on the baby gate), angry that he wasn't invited on this escapade.

I get smart and use oven mits to remove the Pyrex bowl filled with ash of Roni, from the microwave. Then, proceed to put the bowl in the kitchen sink. The bottom falls out of the bowl. Ash of Roni all over the counter and floors that I spent hours cleaning yesterday.

As I type, the house still smells like a combination of burned cheese and hair, possibly some other foreign smell. This is ungodly. After spending eight hours cleaning the whole house, it now smells blagh.

The moral of the story? Don't trust rice in the microwave. Or, don't clean your house. I like the second option better.

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