Rob's Mom by Rob Dyrdek ft. John Mayer

the new hit from John Mayer and Rob Dyrdek.  WHAT!?!  That combo of men confused me at first, but once seeing how hilarious they are together, I'm hooked and want more, please!!  Ok, you just have to watch that episode of Fantasy Factory.  I've seen it 3.5 times already and it's been on for a week.  Everytime this song comes on (which I now have it voice recorded on my phone for a mood booster) I laugh so hard I cry.  Dylan even does his own version belting out "MO MO MO MO."  Watch it here on my blog or click here to go to the MTV site and watch it.  Jump below the video and just listen to the song... at least!!!

Robs Mom - Rob Dyrdek ft. John Mayer


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