Give Thanks Daily

for what you know, for what you don't.  Give thanks that you can evolve, feel, BE who you are. 

The last month or so, I've really had to face some things.  I'm growing into my quarter-century mark, I'm growing as a mother and wife.  Then I realized I left someone behind - me. 

If you're still following me and reading up on my life, I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!  YOU keep me writting and chasing my dream.  I'm glad to bring you along for the ride.  Just keep on keepin' on being patient with me.  I'm changing my writing styles, music 'flavas', and pictures/overall style.  I guess that's what you get for keeping up with a 24-year-old. 

I do love you all!  Thank you for being there!!!

♥ Ash 

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