Ready for something else

{This is kind of just going to be a verbal sigh for me.}

Since the first week of May, I feel like it has been nonstop running around doing things for everyone else and just putting on the smile for show.
The other day at Wal-Mart, I thought I was being polite and taking a stand against the line jumpers. Not just one, but 5 others were rude enough to think their time was worth more than mine or anyone else waiting patiently in line. I've heard some harsh words, when I thought I was doing the right thing in multiple cases. Well, I'm done. I'm stepping back for me.
When people say "You deserve it," don't you usually shrug it off and tell yourself that it was just the right thing to do? Right now, I do, totally and honestly, need to be selfish and say that I'm not giving more of myself than I really can right now.. or maybe ever.
I am jealous of those who really know who they are and where they fit into life.
Ashley Crenshaw, you deserve to find yourself, too! (Pumping myself up mentally.)

I'm just going to say that I AM taking time for myself, but a lot of that time is going to include making my blog just more than what it is now. I love the fact that technology has advanced to this point in time. I can share my feelings, my creativity - maybe I can even encourage or inspire someone along the way. I have a BAH-zillion projects that I have done and photographed. I really want to share them all! I know I've been inspired by so many creative people online, I want to join that club.
Anywho, I'm off to chill out and sit with my thoughts for awhile. Have a fan-tab-ulous night!

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