It seems I have been missing.

I really have been working on my blog, I promise. This guy came along and has been distracting me - to say the least. But, of all things, this guy does come first. Honestly, how can you turn down a face like this?

We've been catching and cuddling with Jagger.

No swings, no slide, no dirt - chasing pigeons. That's his favorite thing to do at the park. And it's hilarious to watch. Being 20 months old, he doesn't really have any skills in the arena of "sneaking up on (fill in the blank - anything)." When Dylan sees a bird, any bird (on land or in air), he'll run screaming trying to herd it into his arms. Too much! Hopefully, I can get a video of this spectacle before he grows out of it.

He's found his way up onto the coffee table. It's his new perch for el-primo TV viewing, snoozing or dancing. The face is priceless because he knows he's been caught.

Then, the first trip to a real pool!! Move over blow-up giraffe baby pool - we've hit the jackpot! He only tried to drown once, lol. No, we were watching him the whole time. He was trying to reach for something and leaned a little too far in. At that point, he slipped and began flopping around like a fish. Once he was okay, it was too funny. Just babies learning how the world works.

There he is with dad trying to super soak people. He tried his 'darndest' to work that bad boy.
So, yes, I have been busy. I'm going to be taking some time later on to work up a few posts. I'll get some 'real' pictures with my camera. The cell phone doesn't give me what I want. I have projects, house news, family news.. everything.. so YAY! I'm back!

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