New Moon

Every lady/most ladies I know have been waiting for more Edward Cullen.  It's here and I hear it's amazing.

Me?  Love the whole Twilight series.. can't wait for it to come out... on DVD.  I wasn't fully impressed with the first movie.  The second book (New Moon), wasn't my favorite either.  I do still want to see New Moon and am in no way bashing anything about the Twilight series of books or movies.  It's just that when it's not cool to see New Moon anymore, I'll be watching it at that point.  Plus, I'll be at home in my Pjs and overstuffed, comfy chair, with a glass of wine in hand.  I do treasure my movie viewing experiences. 

For all those brave enough to go out on release weekend, may it be pleasurable, and untainted by the whining teenagers sobbing hopelessly for Jacob, or Edward.  lol

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