It began on Halloween

I got sick.

Not just down and out for a day or so, but not being able to eat anything for 3 days, becoming dehydrated and not being able to caatch up on sleep due to a  to year old.  I tell ya, I should've been blogging that whole time, but I couldn't focus.  My body made sure I knew I wasn't feeling good.  At one point, I recall my stomach yelling up my throat "I hate you!"  Yeah, it was that bad.  Then, I felt better by Friday.  My parents were worried about me, so they drove up.  Walt thought I was going to die of swine flu.  But, it wasn't that serious. 

Now, I'm alive and just trying to organize and edit these darn pictures so I can get you all caught up!  Until the morning, I'm going to catch some beloved ZZZZZs!  Nighty Night!

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