Instead of smoking...

I have been rockin' the workout gear!  Here's proof via Crystal Stewart....

And I'm drinking a homemade, ultra-heathy, happy, tasty smoothie. 

{Here's what I whipped up in that smoothie: light key lime pie yogurt (get your hands on Greek yogurt if you can!!), handful of frozen strawberries, handful of frozen blueberries, a little milk and then blend away!}
It has felt so amazing to quit smoking and start living.  I have freed myself and it's amazing that I can actually FEEL it!  This year, I'm kickin' butt and taking names!  
Get out and take a walk today!  Try 30 minutes, 15.. anything!  If you're kickin' butt, I'll let you be on my team.  hehe


  1. Dude... it is so not fair that you have given birth, been a smoker until recently, and just started working out and you look so much better than me in spandex. I run like 3-4 times a week and can NOT rock the workout gear like you do. haha :)

  2. LOL! The black spandex/lighting/photographer have a lot to do with how I rock that workout gear. lol


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