Belle of the Ball?

Tonight, the hubs and I get a fancy date night for the Military Ball.  It's a formal event, so you know I'm stoked to get dolled up!  Here's what I'm thinking...

My dress!!  It's such a great spring color with lace trim and fluffy underside.  My only issue was I needed a bigger bow, duh.  haha.  So, I went to my trusty craft supplies and found some sheer, wired, black ribbon.  That'll do, because when it comes to formal, BIGGER is BETTER!

I can't wait to wear these shoes!!!  They're by Guess and I got them at Ross, for $30!  Seriously.  And here comes my issue.. I'm a girly tomboy, who doesn't wear heels.  I've got to practice wearing these babies (like all day), so I don't have dinosaur feet... STOMP STOMP STOMP CRASH!!

Sweats and heels... HOT.  ;)  Does anyone have any heel tips?  I never had to learn to wear them.  But, I really want to wear these shoes again.  Lace shoes = LOVE.

I think I'm going to wear the black lace trim in my hair.  It's ribbon I found in my craft stash, which will soon be fashioned into some sort of headband or wrap.  Perfect.  Simple pearl-ish earrings, and this choker/necklace.

Sorry for the blurry picture.. I just wasn't too excited about the overall look of it, if you couldn't tell by the expression on my chin, ha.  So what shall I do?  I'm channeling my J.Crew styling (psh) and changing it into a chunky bracelet... somehow.

I'll have to show you the final look and DIY's for transforming my accessories next week. 


This is what I'm going to try for my hair, since I chopped it off.  The lace will look cool instead of the double headband.  What do you think?

I'm going to paint my nails a lavender color, with sparkles.. different and fun. 

Fingers crossed that it all works out!!  Now I'm off to get ready!!


  1. I do love your dress, accesories and the heels are fabulouse! I hope you two have a wonderful night! Renae

  2. My auntie is going to a formal ball tonight, too! Her husby is an Air Force man. What is yours?

    I actually really love the necklace as a necklace, but a bracelet will be pretty, too. And the shoes? TO DIE FOR.

  3. The ball was a blast. We're Army!! The shoes - to die for, but I think my feet did actually die a little after wearing them! haha

  4. You are going to look stunning! Must show pics cause that dress is so amazing!


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