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I am going to have to admit that I'm a Pinaholic.  Yep.  I have spent about 5 hours pinning and dreaming and becoming inspired.  So, I decided that this week, I'm going to share some of my dreams.  Some may be crafty, some may be inspirational.  I feel I want to do a little Soul Spring Cleaning, if you will.  Today, I'm going to start off with the ME dreams.

I dream of a hanging bed/bench where I can sit outdoors and relax.  I would love to be able to drink tea and read books.  I would love to smell the fresh air and enjoy the sounds of nature.  I dream of the peaceful time where I can recharge myself.

I would be in heaven at this house.  Oh, dear owners of this home, please pass it on to me!  Actually, I would love to own my own home.  We've been renting for like 6 years now.  My design side is just itching to tear down walls and do any kind of decorating/painting/remodeling.  I can't wait for that day to come!

{found on CampMoxie's Pinterest board}

I dream of having a cute wardrobe.  I'm not totally girly, but not quite a tomboy.  I love elements of both sides, but have to be comfortable, because I'm a mom.  I dream of at least looking like I have it pulled together.  I need major styling help.  Thank goodness I have lots of cute ideas started on Pinterest.   

There are so many dreams to dream.  I love to dream.. and dream big!  These were a few of the dreams on my mind at this moment.  More to come!

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  1. this outfit is totally me!! i just adore it...i may have to scrounge up all of these items and do it!! so, cute! you have good taste ;-)


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