It's a Mad, Mad World - with tea!

First off, I have to say I have ALWAYS loved Alice in Wonderland. I remember waaaaay back, long ago, my grandparents bought me an "old timey" version of the book. I was about 8-9 and I sat in my bed, under the covers with my little flashlight and read it over and over. I always wanted to have tea with the Mad Hatter and company. Guess what, now I can!!

I have a blog crush on Vanessa of "A Fanciful Twist" (click on the link or the picture above to check out her blog - it's dreamy!). Vanessa happens to be the ring leader of the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party! I'm so excited because I missed last year... who knows what I was doing. But, this year, I'm making scones and getting "special tea" (and I honestly don't know what tea I'm getting yet). OOOOH and I get to find a pretty dress. It's all online, yes, but we have to celebrate life one way or another.

Thank you to Vanessa for being so inspirational! I can't wait until June 27th!

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  1. Ash-----I have the best scone recipe ever that I got from a friend from church. My girls absolutely love this recipe and so simple to make. Let me know if you want it and I'll send it on!!!! I totally love your blog....you should check out Whole Foods for different teas or even if you have a place in town that's a tea room, they might sell their teas they use. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you...it sounds like tons of fun!!! Love ya girlie!!!


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