Helpful Hints for Husbands- the Intro and Shopping Guide

There is no doubt that I love my husband.  He's a great guy.  There are just moments when I think, "He just doesn't get it."  He knows I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but bought a jewelry chest anyways.  I asked him to take off his work boots, but he leaves them in the middle of our freshly cleaned floor.  It's not that I totally get angry at him, but after awhile I'm mad at him for all the little things he just didn't 'get'.  This has inspired me to start Helpful Hints for Husbands.  A way for men to peer into the mysterious world of women, and come out with a valuable nugget of information.  You may also insert life-partner/boyfriend/girlfriend into the equation.  

Let's begin.

Husbands (or other), women have learned that you do not like to shop for us.  You may not even like shopping at all.  But, there are always anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays that send you to the store to pick out a gift for the wife.  You may be panicking, but I can give you a few clues.

1) Never, EVER, underestimate the value of hacking into or following your partner's pins on Pinterest.  Here are my Pinterest boards which include things such as products I love, food I want to eat, and clothes I want to wear.  Voila!  Ideas for dinner, and gifts.  Also, look for common themes.  Is there one certain color she posts often?  Are there lots of pictures that hint at relaxation?  Maybe she needs some time out with her friends?  Maybe she just wants to read a book in peace?  Pinterest can be a valuable tool, spouses!

2)  Have you checked out your local Groupons?  I bet you'll find a good deal on dinner, spa days, even an exciting outdoor adventure.  Oooooh!  I just caught a two-night retreat on sale!  Go out, get a room, just have some fun!

3)  Is there a date or experience you had as a couple that always keeps popping up?  Why not recreate that moment?  It may not be over-the-top, but there is something magical about revisiting special moments.  I think it would be magical to have the kiddo at a friend's house while husband and I order pizza and chill out in our jammies.  I think the alone time is so important.  Let her know you're there for her.

So, if you didn't read it all here's a recap.  1) Check out Pinterest.  2) Find a sweet spa deal on Groupon.  3)  Hire a sitter and have some grown-up time.  I got your back boys! 


  1. would it be weird if i emailed this to my husband?


  2. Totally e-mail it to the husband. I'm working on more Helpful Hints!


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