New Totes for Camp Moxie *Updated*

Yay!  I've finally had a chance to make some new tote bags for Camp Moxie!  For some reason, Etsy is down right now, but as soon as it's up again, these will be listed.  Here's a look.

This tote is about 13.25" tall and 13" wide with handles measuring 5.25" from top of the bag to top of the handle.  It has a great, light floral fabric on the inside that has a vintage-y feel.  I've paired that with a sassy saying on the front, "Take Me Out", which I hand-painted using water-based screen printing ink.  The flower on the outside was handmade using the same fabric that lines the inside.

This is my favorite for fall!  It's a mini messenger bag with adjustable strap.  The flowers on the front are hand-rolled rosettes which are made from the same fabric lining the inside.  The upper strap ranges from about 11" to about 21" making the possibility of wearing positions versatile.  The bag itself is 14.5" wide, 8" tall, and comfortably stretches about 12" fat (from back to front as if you were filling it).  I also love that on each side of the bag there are pockets to keep keys or water bottles at easy access.  

Simple and awesome.  OK, so I may be biased because I made them, but I promise you will enjoy them as well.  A great gift for the stylish chica.. oh and Christmas is coming up!  If you want to call dibs on these before I list them on Etsy, you can e-mail me {ashleycrenshaw.blog@gmail.com}.  {You can always e-mail me if you see something you like!}  Also, e-mail me if you have any questions!  Thanks for browsing!   

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