Helpful Hints for Husbands no. 2 - Seasonal Decorating

Oh, fall is in the air!  What?  No one has said that yet?  They have all the stuff out!  Well, I made up that it is fall at my house.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  (I think it's better than Christmas.. sometimes.)  But, yesterday, in the 95 degree heat of Colorado, I was hanging my wreaths and setting out pumpkins.  I had this frightening thought, "My husband will think I'm insane."  


It's close the to end of August, and you know your spouse is excited for the arrival of Fall {keep in mind this applies to any holiday where decor and displays are involved}.   You still have the sprinklers out for weekend water fun, and Fall is the last thing on your mind. The weather and the calendar say it is not time for Fall, but your spouse has decided differently.  Your house has now thrown-up pumpkins and leaves... in August.

You may want to roll your eyes, say she's too early... blah blah.  Keep those comments to yourself.  Maybe insert a line such as, "Lookin' good, honey!"  Please do not use any sarcasm when you say your comment.... we know better.  If you don't want to be in the middle of the seasonal decorating business, go to the candle store and pick up a Fall scent.  Generally, anything that reminds you of apple pies will do.  Your wife will see this as a contribution instead of avoidance in decorating.  Bonus points!  A situation that works for you and her.

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