Fun Local Favorite {Barracuda Bazaar}

Over Labor Day weekend, my fabulous parents came up to visit.  We had a blast just hanging out together.  We BBQ'd, we had a few drinks, and we went shopping!  If you are a Colorado Springs local or happen to come to town, you have to stop by Barracuda Bazaar {2603 W. Colorado Ave}!

You'll have to check out their website to see the tons of cute clothes.  Barracuda Bazaar is also the home of Gnarly Teeth, fabulous bacon products (from wallets to lip gloss).  They also have things that may be offensive to some, but all in good fun.  My favorite example:  A bumper sticker that read, "Sorry I didn't make it to church.  I was busy practicing witchcrafts and becoming a lesbian."  LOL, right!?  (And in no way am I making ANY jabs at church/religion/sexual orientation/whatever.  It was just a sticker, folks.)

Here's what we walked out with.

Just Sayin' sticky notes... I mean I'm always Just Sayin', why not write it out?  Maybe people would listen better if I handed them this note?  

And the BEST, which I should probably go get more...

Silly fingers!!!!  I just love the tentacle.  And the pickle finger... awesome!

We like to have finger fights.  Silly time!

I need a better camera... and to remember to turn off my flash.  Oops.

But anyways, stop by Barracuda Bazaar... I just love that place!  I know you will, too!

{This post was not compensated.  I wrote about it because I love the shop and want to share some local favorites.  Go Indie Businesses!}

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