It's sooo fall!

As you may have gathered from this post, I LOVE FALL!  Isn't it amazing to open up the windows?  I swear you can just smell fall in the air.  What's even better is baking fall goodies!  I found a recipe for Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese filling on Pinterest.

You MUST make this.  The recipe yields 2 loaves... I should've made a double batch.  Ten little minutes after I pulled it out of the oven, half of one loaf is already disappeared.  But, here is what I've learned:  When putting the mix in your loaf pans, put just enough dough in to cover the bottom of the pan.  Also, if you love cream cheese, double up on that part of the recipe.  Such a fabulous fall delight AND my house smells wonderful.  

Yay for fall!

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