Today I Love

I love having all the windows in the house opened, and the breeze filtering through.  Our high today is 69 degrees!  I love it!  I also love playing with the little guy behind the couch.  Silly time is a must.

I love sitting in the sunspots, reading.  I finally started reading "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins.  I'm addicted so far.  Did you know they're making a movie based on the books?  Here's the trailer.  Looks awesome!

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Dylan is usually sprawled out across my lap while I'm reading.  Luckily for me, he was "taking a break from sunny time"  is what he said.

I love that my tea "spoke" to me this morning.  "The heart sees deeper than the eye."  And, all in my heart mug.  Great start to a great day.  It's always a nice reminder to listen to your heart.

The absolute best part of my day is when I get to steal kisses from that little guy.  It's so nice when he wants to cuddle.  That doesn't happen often with energetic boys.  I'll steal those kissies if I have to!

That's a peak into my world.  What do you love today?

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