Have I told you lately...

that I loved you?  OOOOH, I'm in need of a chick flick and this one looks like it fits the bill!  Agh. 

Why I have to see this movie:
First off, this movie is based from a Nicholas Sparks story.  Mr. Sparks, you always know how to pull at my heart-strings.  Second, Channing Tatum, which should be the end of this discussion, but my story has to be there first.  And third, it's an emotional movie about two people falling in love while this soldier is home on leave.  You give me anything about the military and I'm very emotional.  (Proud Army wife for 4 1/2 years now!)

If anyone goes to see it, think of me sitting next to you sobbing.  This is such a girl's night out adventure in the making. 

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