Once We Stop Dreaming...

we lose ourselves, our spark for life.  We lose everything we've aspired to be.  We've given up on living full life. 

Wow.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I've blogged.  I think I needed to dive into something creative, something real.  I love blogs, but there's a time where you need to go live your life, just so you have something to blog about.  Something real.  Something with Trials and Triumphs.  I read this post by Edie Wadsworth.  She's an amazingly inspiring blog model (a blogging role model) to me.  If you're a blogger, you should check it out.  But, after reading Edie's post, I felt like it was my turn to let you in on our little world right now.

Boy, let me tell ya - it's been interesting around here lately. 

This guy has been wearing potty training pants for about 2 months.  The only problem is, he won't try to use his potty.  I guess it's just not his time, but I fear putting him back in diapers.  My next plan of action is to let him pee on Cheerios.  Fingers crossed it works!

This guy (the husband), has been busy with work.  They're going to be taking the great journey overseas back to Iraq.  (ajdgk;asughuig = frustration)

This chick (me on the left.. with my ADORABLE niece Kenadie) has been busy being mom, wife, military wife (there's a HUGE difference in those two roles), crafter and dreamer.  I have found some time to come up with some exciting new products.  Yes, products!  I'm starting my own business!

Let me share!!


This is the bird bag.  I've redone almost everything on this little tote.  Then, I posted it on my facebook page and got my first order.  The final product of that order is this.

This is the Samantha Rocker Chic bag.  I had another order come in after posting this one.  It was for another Rocker Chic Bag and then a custom.  Which the second Rocker Chic bag was similar, so I won't share those pictures.  But the custom order brought something else to it all.

I'm in LOVE with these little guys.  From the response I've gotten, I can tell these will be a big hit.  So, here's the deal.  Throughout the rest of February, I'll be taking orders via my personal facebook (for my friends and family) and through [thebluesombrero (at) gmail.com].  The bags will be $30 each and then it's about $8 for shipping per bag.  This price will only be good if you place an order in February.  Now, that doesn't mean you have to pay for it immediately.  If you know you want bags for Christmas, place your order now with what you want and how many.  Once I recieve your payment, I'll work on your bag and get it shipped to you.  Once February is up, I'm going to be opening my Etsy shop.  The prices will go up a little to cover for the additional shop fees.  I want to keep the quality of the bags up and the cost down as effectively as I can.  I'm very flexible about the styling for your bags.  So far, I've been able to do everything I've been asked about.  

This week, I'll be working on new designs and will post them on here as they are completed.  The bird bag is currently ready and for sale.  First come first serve!  I really appreciate the customers I've had and my SPARK is Alive!!  Thank you readers for supporting me! 


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