More totes!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and weekend.  The husband had a 4 day weekend, so I thought I was on vacation too.   It feels like Monday.. Oh no!  I'll get my butt in gear, maybe after noon?  ha!  Anyways, I did get a few things done that I wanted to share.

 I was so excited about the response of my last post, I made more totes!  I want to show more of the diversity that I can do with the totes.  

I used a KU patch and fabric for the lettering.  Going to try to use more fabric because it's so fun!

Thankfully, the hubs didn't want this polo shirt anymore.  I washed it, and hacked away until it was perfect for this tote.  Perfect Rock Chalk colors.  This tote is currently for sale.  Send me an email {thebluesombrero(at)gmail.com} if you would like this one.

And this one has been brewing in my head for awhile.  Loved to see it take life.

Tried my hand at a leather flower, which is the center.  I think it came out pretty well.  Let's see what else this leather can do for me!

Love this tote!  It's for sale as well.  {thebluesombrero(at)gmail.com}

I've been busy trying to get the business side set up for The Blue Sombrero.  If anyone has any pointers for business start-ups, please fill me in.  I'll post more on my family life and what's been going on here this week.  Have a happy day everyone!

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