Big Boy (and Girl) Pants...

I shared the other day about how Dylan is starting to potty train.  Well, the honest truth is that I've been trying to train him since the begining of January.  *sighs*  He's been wearing his "big boy pants" aka Pull-Ups since we've started.  I read that if you change them back to diapers, it confuses the child about the process and they revert.  Hmm.  I figured after a month and a half of training, we'd get to an agreement.  No.  I just got peed on.  Literally.

This is the offensive wet spot on my leg.  Thinking I spilled my coffee (warm all the same) on myself, I checked the kid.  This is what I found.

Crazy how they match, right?

After the clean-up took place, I realized this may have been the metaphor that I needed.  I guess it helps when the metaphor comes in an annoying/disturbing form?  I decided that I needed to put my "big girl pants" on and take care of the things that have been bothering me for awhile. 

Yesterday, I tackled my Goodwill giveaway pile in the garage.  Last summer, we inherited a storage unit full of everything from a friends' apartment.  Turns out, we have everything for a house already.  You can imagine the piles lined up in my garage.  Wish I had a picture to share, but not really.  It was bad.  After 45 minutes of mulling through the piles to finalize the giveaway, I loaded up my Jeep (every inch possible) and toted my goods to donate.  In the end, it took maybe 2 hours (that's kid time, too) to clean away my mess and lighten my load.  Ahhh!

So here's to lightening the load!  Put on your "big boy/girl pants" and tackled something that you've been procrastinating!  I feel like a new person and I've only just begun!  Potty training, here I come!


  1. Besides being funny, Parents will relate, you are so right on with that. Thanks for sharing, thanks for inspiring, most of all THANKS !!!

  2. Hey so I READ YOUR BLOG!!! hehe That's a funny story that you got peed on but sucks at the same time! I'm sure Dyl will get it when he is ready, but wouldnt back off of trying! Your doing a good job chick. Love ya SL and we need to hangout soon!


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