Happy Project!

I went "shopping" in my basement stash of unused items.  I found this charging station.

For us, it was more in the way than actually helpful.  I hate leaving things plugged in when you don't use them, and I hate not having my phone with me at all times.  This ended up in the stash not even a month after purchasing it.  I was in love with them when I saw it on Pottery Barn, but wasn't paying $65 for a wooden box.  Got this one at Big Lots for $10.  Not bad.  But, I didn't use it so here's what I did.

Remove the hardware on the back side.

Then, sand it all down.

The faux wood doesn't sand well.  Everything was pink in my kitchen.  Blah.

Then, I wiped it off and mixed up this light green paint color.

I used a lot of different colors, so there is no exact name for it.  Ashley Green no. 92.4?  Once the first coat dries completely, slap on some good ole crackle paint and make sure you cover the whole thing.  I botched a couple spots, but not bad.  I think imperfect is much better.

Once the crackle paint dries, add your contrasting top coat.  Everyone uses brown and white and I think it gives a more country feel to it.  I was going for modern and interesting, so I used this blue.

Once, that dried up, it began to crackle and expose the green underneath.

So cool!  I didn't replace the top tray thing because I'm now using this to hold business files.  It could also make a great mail organizer for by the front door.  (Self, remember that!)  Anyways, I want to crackle paint everything now.  Hopefully the husband won't mind! 

Everything around the house has been kind of up-in-the-air.  The husband is on leave before his deployment.  I really want to stay on top of the blog, while being able to spend ample of family time.  In the end, the family wins out.  But, once I get spare time, I'll schedule posts to keep my readers entertained.  Fair warning, don't  leave me!  Have a happy Tuesday!

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