Dream Week - Dog Love

{found on Pinterest - Camp Moxie}

Our family is dyyyyying to get a puppy - labs specifically.  We are serious dog lovers and it has been too long since we've had a puppy pal!

{found on Pinterest - Camp Moxie}

I mean seriously, how can you not love those little faces.  And puppy breath!?  Oh my heart longs for a dog.

Here's one reason you have to love dogs.  Seriously, watch.

Lol!  I love Clark Griswold, the dog.  Happy Friday everyone!!  Go get some puppy love!

1 comment:

  1. holy little puppy i want to squeeze you.

    my dog is a year and i miss his baby puppy stage. (well maybe not. getting up in the middle of the night to stand in our backyard repeating "go potty" is really not that fun)


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