Kitchen Window Re-do {Make it Magical Monday}

I wanted to start a new feature that I haven't seen before.  I know lots of people do their DIYs and make-overs, but Make it Magical is about taking things you see, do, eat, wear, everyday and kicking it up a notch.  Where did the idea come from?  Pinterest.  Yep, I mean who isn't addicted to that yet?  (If you aren't, I'll send you an invite, just let me know.)  I see so many beautiful things, creative ideas, yummy food, and I remembered one of my dreams: Live life like a movie.  I don't mean to the extremes, it's not realistic.  What I do mean is, think of the details.  That's my favorite thing in movies.  The story-line could be the worst in history, but if the design is fabulous, I love it.  So here's to Make it Magical Mondays!!

Here's my kitchen window before.  Really drab.

Here's a peek at the ledge.  It has been driving me nuts for a long time.

Just blah.  So, I went to work.  Moved everything out of the way, cleaned the ledge and the window.  Then, I painted the ledge.  Ha!  What a brilliant idea!  (doh!)

If I owned the house, I probably would've painted the ledge a different color (light green), just to get away from all the white.  At this point, anything would've looked better than the chipped away paint.  But, ahhhh, what a difference.  But, this isn't magical enough for me.  Let's get the the tszujing!

I think every kitchen needs some plants in the window.  Isn't that what you're supposed to do?  Well, I have INTENSE light coming in those windows, so succulents were my choice.  Of course, the galvanized pots were a must.  I already had them on hand from a previous Goodwill encounter.  I think I only paid $0.50 each.  The succulents I grabbed up are Jade, from Lowe's for $10.  It was a bigger plant that I pulled apart.  Keep that in mind when you shop for plants, big money saver!  Sometimes the bigger pots are cheaper.  The twine, I picked up at the Dollar Store, for (you guessed it) $1.00. 

I put it all together like this.  It's amazing how much impact the little things make!  The red coffee container wasn't doing it for me.  I went digging through my stuff to make it prettier.  On the found canister I already had, I painted chipboard letters and hot glued them onto the jar.  It'll be perfect if you ever want to use the jar for something else, the letters pop right off.  You could also ModPodge them, so they'll be water-resistant. 
Above, the fruit basket was picked up at Ross for $5.00.  I need a reminder to eat my fruit and veggies.  You'll also see happy hand soap and lotion.  I keep my scrubbers in an old candle glass.  I think mine was a Colonial Candle.  I liked the oblong oval shape better than just a circular jar.

On the opposite end of my long counter, I put my Scentsy warmer and a Boredom Buster jar.  I had seen someone on Pinterest do the Boredom Buster jar and thought it was brilliant.  Inside, I placed these and these cards inside.  They're just cards with little activities on them.  When Dylan gets older, I'm going to put more chores inside.  I'll also add our own special activities in there too.

That's how I made my kitchen a little more magical.  You can leave a comment with your blog post of your Make it Magical projects!  I'd love to check out what you do!  Let's inspire each other!

{PS.  I'm just now researching linking tools, so you can just link up, but I'm a little lost.  Has anyone done this before?  What do you suggest?}

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