Well well...

I had taken some time off to really evaluate how my life was going.  I'm 25, a mother, a wife, a crafter, a dreamer... well, all those things were just kind of chaotic and a blur over the last 3 months.  My husband has been on vacation, off and on, for the last 3-ish months.  That has totally thrown things off.  Dyl and I are used to our own little gig, and were more than excited to have daddy home, but we didn't have a direction of our life journey.  You know what I mean?  We were spontaneous, we were lazy, we were semi-adventurous... but nothing seemed to get done.  SO, I'm working on a plan.  I'm setting up a challenge for myself.  As this develops, I would love to share our journey with you.

The plan goes a little something like this.... 
1) Take back my family.  We have been zombified by television, computers, video games... the usual technology culprit.  What happened to family game nights?  What happened to eating dinner at the table?  What happened to playing outside all day?  Yep, those are coming back.

2)  Push myself.  I've always been the dreamer.  I've dreamed and schemed my way through what I want my life to be, I just haven't acted on it.  It's easier to wish for your dreams than work for it... but now I'm going to push myself.  I want to see what my body and mind can really do for me.  I want to challenge myself.  I want to see where my creativity and drive can take me.  Also, change my habits (unhealthy eating, not working out, schlepping through tasks).  Let's just say, it's on world!

3) Really enjoy life.  I want to get out and explore.  I want to experience the little joys in this world.  Life isn't about having the biggest and best of everything, right?  So, why not try new things?  There's so much out there and I've barely scratched the surface.

4) My dream job.  I've done lots and lots of work to set myself up for a dream job.  But, I know it's just the tip.  There's so much work to still be done.  I've come up with a few new features and I'll slowly introduce them.  I want to give you all things to look forward to.  I also want to take Camp Moxie to a higher platform.  So, bring out the journals and inspiration I've collected and I'm getting to work!

5)  Well... I'm still working on the plan, but those are the main things that have really been "grinding my gears".

Do you have any challenges you're taking on?  Let's be each other's support group!!  I'd love to hear from you.  You can e-mail me (ashleycrenshaw.blog(at)gmail.com), leave comments.. whatever you want!

Check back later today for a Make it Magical Monday (new feature!!) post!  You'll be able to link up your magical moments here!


  1. love this list! I have been working on some lists for myself - to get my blog where I want it to be... get my Etsy shop up and running... and kicking some bad habits and start some newer healthy habits! would love to cheer you on in getting your stuff accomplished!

  2. This sounds so, so similar to what my family has been doing. My favorite thing is that we've started being unplugged after 5 PM - no TV, computers, phones, etc. Just family time.


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