Rediscovery of Past Me

"Do you ever go back in time to think about those little girl dreams of what life would be like when you grew up?" asks Melissa from The Inspired Room. {Click on the title of this post to see the blog entry Melissa did, which inspired my whole "Month of Martha."}

Why, yes I do!! When I was growing up, I was the typical little girl with barbies and babies, I even had a Sesame Street kitchen. (So stereotypical.) I spent hours organizing my house, telling my babies what to do, always playing mom. At the age of 5, I knew that I wanted to be a mommy and couldn't wait until I had my own house and baby and daddy (the hubs).

{Picture of little me... couldn't find one of me dictating to my "babies"... odd}

Starting August 1 (maybe the 2nd because it's a Sunday, gotta start with a whole week), I'm going to be playing house. I want to fulfill my childhood dream. Boring? Let me explain. I want to kind of be a "Martha Stewart" for lack of better words. I want to make all meals from scratch (or really close to it), make my own cleaning products, have a schedule, do activities and projects - kind of be Super Mom. And, you all are invited to join me. I'm going to post recipes, let you know what works and doesn't, basically share My Trials and Triumphs of the whole thing! If it totally goes crazy, at least we can all have a good laugh.

Here's what I need from you... I want you to tell all your friends and family, get everyone involved. I want comments, suggestions, your stories.

On the left side bar on my blog, you'll find a place to subscribe to my blog. You'll get updates via e-mail every time I post something. I want to get as many people as possible to join in.

Leave comments!! I'm going to have at least one giveaway and it will be really random and I may not even tell you when it is. Comment a lot!

This "Month of Martha" is just to fulfill my little childhood dream of being a mom. To me, it's more about getting back to the simple stuff, making the most of what you have, and to save money (great in this economy, for sure!). It would be a tragedy to go through life wondering 'what if.' So, I'm taking action. Life, to me, is about enjoying the big and the little moments, squeezing every little ounce of time we have on this Earth and making the best, fruitiest, wackiest punch out of it all! When I die, I want to be able to say "Wow, what a ride," just like Bill McKenna suggests on how we should live.

From "A Month of Martha," each month after I'll be sharing in a new project. I've already got September set up. I'm just full of adventures. But, my goal is to find new ways of enjoying life, fulfilling my dreams, and maybe inspiring others to take a different approach to life. Even if I just inspire someone to get out and try something different, I will be ecstatic! Please join me on this little adventure. Who knows where the paths will take us!


  1. Sounds like a really fun project and way to refocus your life back to your little girl dreams!

    Thanks for linking back to my post. I am glad it inspired you!

    Enjoy your Month of Martha!

    Happy day,

  2. Good luck. You realize of course that Martha has a huge & talented staff?

    Give it your best shot. Can't wait to hear the updates.


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