I'm baaaaack

Wow, it's been way too long since I've been able to get online. Last week, I was packing the old house, doing walk throughs for the new house, moving to the new house, unpacking the new house and a storage unit (which we're still moving), and organizing and cleaning and AHHHH! It's been crazy! Besides a new, AMAZING house, 'all I got was a lousy inflamed back.' (Can't you just see that on a t-shirt? ha)

I wish I had pictures, but the hubs packed the camera. It's in a mystery box that wasn't labeled. Shocking. Me, I love paper, pens and all office supplies in general. I love to organize and label things. I wish you could've seen me packing boxes, I was Queen 'O Moving. I even had a sharpie hooked onto my shorts. Yes, I got made fun of.

Anyways, everyone is doing good around here. It's just a mad dash to get our lives put back together and settled. I wish I could multi-task and be super-blogger, but that won't happen until August. Ok, so maybe.. I just saw it was only 2 days away. BUT it is going to start Month of Martha. I've set myself up to publish to the world about my adventure. This move hit me harder than I thought, so keep in mind that I'm trying and I will find my camera. I know I have anxious family and friends wanting to see the new house!

Let me know what you all are up to! Leave comments and suggestions for what you want to see for A Month of Martha!!

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