My Magical Multipurpose Wonder Solution

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap - this stuff is AMAZING! There are 8 different scents, all amazing smells (minus the baby mild, which is well, unscented). There are hundreds of uses. You can do a search online for uses of castile soap. I use it as a shaving cream, face wash, floor cleaner, stain remover, all purpose spray, bath tub and tile cleaner... you can even use it to brush your teeth, and wash laundry. Like I said, AMAZING!

For the all purpose spray, I just put a dash of this soap into a clean squirting water bottle thing (what are they really called?), and then fill with water. You can also use the Tea Tree liquid soap for antibacterial/sanitizing spray. The tea tree has natural antibacterial properties. Who doesn't love all natural? These soaps are all organic and non-toxic, another bonus!

Seriously, check it out! I noticed they now carry Dr. Bronner's at Target and as usual at many health food stores. If you aren't near any of those places, order online. I feel this soap has changed my life and saved me a bucket of money along the way!

P.S. Sorry, I thought this posted yesterday. It was on a scheduled post and I never got on to check. I have got to figure this out. lol

Photo via Dr. Bronner's

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