"M.o.M" Assignment #1 (and a freebie!)

If you want to follow with "A Month of Martha", here's your assignment.

Come up with one week of meals for your family. Get the recipes, shopping list, everything for every meal (plus snacks) for one week. Just plan, don't buy yet! Ultimately, before the whole month starts, I want to have all my meals lined up, just to make it easy. Now it's not that I'm going to for sure have that meal on that day, but it gives you options and you have everything lined up for one week. Another money saving bonus, this list will help you scour the net and newspapers for coupons. It's all at your fingertips. Don't you feel the power?

Here's a freebie!! Jen Allyson from The Project Girl is a graphic desinger who has made a PDF (Printable) Weekly Meal planner. You can download my favorite version here. There is another option, but this planner makes me want to use it!

Don't forget to leave a comment on Project Girl to thank Jen Allyson for the awesome download!

Now, where do I find recipes? Follow this link to Sandra's Money Saving Meals! The hubs loves most of her recipes, plus the show title says it all. Sandra Lee does the dirty work for you. She'll tell you if it's cheaper to make from scratch or get store bought. Sandra's prepped the shopping list, recipes and even tells you what to do with your leftovers! On the website, the leftovers are used for "Round 2 Recipes." I have tried several recipes and cannot wait to get going on more. I'm in love with Sandra Lee.

Because Sandra has taken care of dinner and most lunches from her Round 2 menus, it should be a breeze to whip up something for breakfast and snacks. Amazing! Think simple. I need to go through my recipe books and find my slow cooker breakfasts. For my family, we don't really eat a ton for breakfast, so I'm only going to plan on cooking "real" breakfasts on the weekend, or days I know hubs will be here in the morning.

If we fail to plan we are planning to fail!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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