I CAN'T get enough of this...

To get the full effect, go to the bottom of my page. Let the music player load up and start listening to "Little Boxes" which is song 47 or something close to that. (It's the theme song to my favorite show. Can you guess it?) All the songs after that are from the show too.

How hot is Mary-Louise Parker!? Come on now. I want to be Nancy Botwin. Well not necessarily selling weed and getting mixed up with Mexican drug lords, but she's just amazing. I love her wit, her style, ummm everything. Can someone hook me up? ha. Ok, I have a girl crush. Don't tell the hubs, it might make him get the wrong idea. Seriously, who else is with me?

So, with my birthday money, I want to get all the seasons. This is one show that I can watch over and over and never get tired. Major props to Jenji Kohan, the creator. Love it!

Oh yeah, last Thursday was my birthday. The big 24, a quarter of my life is over (apparently I'm going to live to be 100 or something close to that). I have pictures, but they all look ridiculous. I was having a good time and yeah. I'll tell more stories later. Just wanted everyone to know that I'm alive!

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