Thrown Off My High Horse

Finally, I had a chance to sit down and write for A Month of Martha. I was sitting here at my computer about to type up what I had, and then skipped my blog and went looking on other blogs because I get distracted easily. Go figure. I came across SimpleMom.Net, which started doing Back to Basics.... same as my Month of Martha. But, they have a whole staff contributing to publish stuff every day. {Make me feel like poo...and I'm not getting paid for this} Anyways, I was reading it all, and it was the SAME things that I was just about to post. Did they hijack my brain? Grr.. Ok, so I do give them props, because I think we are all feeling the pinch from the economy/growing families/growing expenses/LIFE. I think the point is we do just need to get back to the basics of how we live life. We are all feeling something.

After I took a two minute angry/feel-sorry-for-me/what do I do now slump, I came to the realization, that I need to just invest more in what I want to do. I know I'm not the ultimate housewife, after trying my Month of Martha hardcore schedules, and cooking, and cleaning... blah. It's not for me. BUT, what is for me is being crafty, artsy-fartsy. I love making things. So, I'm going to share my projects that I've been doing for the last... well for quite awhile. Tonight, I'm going to round up my pictures from this rocking chair I revamped. It's happy.

Just had to update you on this Month of Martha fiasco. If you want, I'll post some stuff from what I've learned... which I think I should do anyways. Thanks for sticking with me through my move and craziness!! I'm here and I'm trying so hard!

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