A serious burning question!

It has be ultra important for me to get the house put together, for my sanity and to get my family back in their routine. But, since we're a family of 3 and I have FOUR bedrooms, I totally get a studio. YAY!!! This is the ONE thing that I have been waiting for since I was a little kiddo. In my earlier years, my mom, being the creative one she is, turned an empty space in our laundry room into a craft room. I loved going in there, just to sit and watch wood turn into dolls or watch my blankie being mended for the hundredth time. It was always such a happy place. Now that I have the room to do it, nothing else has been as exciting as getting this space, my studio, pulled together. It's still not quite done, but here's an update.


Everything thrown on the floor, trying to envision it in my head.

The computer area, which I don't mind sharing space with. It gives me a chance to do "blog research." What a rough job that is! But it pretty much looked the same before and after.

My main work wall. I have shelves all over and happy light blue jars. I have a thing for those babies. They kind of clash against the powder blue wall, but we rent here.. some things I'll live with. I have my inspiration board waiting to be filled. And I still have to find a table. Not bad for one day of work!
And now my burning question...
As I was starting to organize my tools and get everything in easy accessibility, my scissors and glues always end up getting paired together. What's the dilema, you may ask? I have always thought as scissors and glue to be rivals. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the scissors (although they may aid in creating a beautiful masterpiece) are the destructive, maybe evil of the two. Poor glue is always trying to put things back together, hold the bond tight. Now tell me, what is a girl to do?


  1. Hey chicka!
    I wanna come play in YOUR studio now! What sweet things to say about that junky table full of "projects" I could never seem to finish! And I'm sure I did what I could for your poor ol' blankie, but it had to be at least 400 times stitched back together! Poor blankie! LOL! I absolutely LOVE your studio space. And the whole scissor vs. glue thing...what can I say, but opposites attract! Keep them together! At least you know where they are!
    Love ya!....Mom

  2. hey woman!
    get you a small peg board and hook your scissors on that along with other things like rulers, hole punchers and anything else you have with a hole in it you can hang. Men use them to hang there tools on in the garage, so why can't we women use them too?!


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