Laughing Lilly line for When You Wish Co.

I've just finished the first Laughing Lilly jar.  This is going to be one of the "un-customized" jars from When You Wish Co.  I didn't necessarily love the color of the glitter or the paint on the lid, but it leaves room for improvement!  Check it out!
I tried for a really really long time to not have a glare, but that's what I get for using jars.  I'll have to find some photography tips on photographing glass stuff.  If you have tips let me know.  I digress.  The Laughing Lilly line is a little more girlie, but that's what girl's love.  This just gives you an idea of what I can and am willing to do with jar customization. 
The giveaway is still open!  Leave your comments under the 'Step 1: Acceptance' post, or on the bottom of this one.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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