It was a glorious Tuesday..

and we went to the library! (A day late on the posting, but that's my life right now!)
Tuesdays are our new library day. An added bonus is the Farmer's Market is right next door if we go in the afternoon! YAYs all around!
This was Dylan's first visit to the library, and it was so funny to watch him run to the books! I didn't get a picture of that, but the toys were a mere minute behind the haphazard snatching up of 3 books.

I felt bad I had to make him stop exploring to set up our library cards. But, Dylan ran right back to the puzzles. He was having such a blast.
What's even better than puzzles are the walls of windows. There has to be 3 full walls of full length windows. It doesn't even feel like you're traped inside on a rainy or cold day. Our library is so glorious! There are also cute paintings of characters on the glass. The wonderful library staff even has bird feeders outside the windows. Perfect for my little bird chaser!

Once Dylan helped me with the self check-out, he got to put his books in his library bag and carry them home. Isn't the library bag awesome? I got it at Target in the dollar bins, which I actually think it was $2.50, but what the heck! You can't really see a good view of the front, but it's Dr. Suess's One Fish Two Fish. Not bad for that price!
As you can imagine, I was fighting back tears watching him be such a big boy. My baby loves the library, I'm so proud! I remember going to the library my whole life. It was always exciting to explore and discover new adventures in books and storytimes. This was a really special adventure of our own and I'm so glad I got to share it with you, Pickle.

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