Five of July

HAPPY 5TH OF JULLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  What?  You don't celebrate the 5th of July?  We do..  It's our six year anniversary!  I cannot believe we have made it to 6 years.  But, when your husband licks your face on a regular basis, you know it's destiny.

As usual, the husband says, "Don't get me anything.  Seriously."  Maybe it's because I like to gift him random objects he has no use for.  Example:  Books.  I made him a gift this year.

It's just a little You and Me scrapbook.  Inside, I put lists like, "I love you because...", and "I Appreciate When...", "Things I Want to Do To With You..." (I couldn't help myself).  But, I think he likes it.  A great bathroom read AND a bonus ego booster.  Yep, I'm queen of gift giving.  Anyways...

Did everyone have an awesome 4th of July?  Did your yards burn down?  I think if we had anything other than those chintsy dudes below, our grass would be black.  But, of course, we have a fire ban... and there's a million fires burning around our area.  Makes for a pretty "meh" 4th, when you have to watch it on TV.

We just basically did whatever we wanted yesterday, then made it up to Dyl today with sprinkler time!!!

That face is priceless.  AND he made me take the following picture to show you all the big belly he's been working on.  Quite an accomplishment for a 3-year-old.

{EDITED:  There used to be a picture here of Dylan, but somehow "Adult" websites have been linking up to it.  THAT IS NOT OK!  You have been warned!!}

Yeah... gotta love him.

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  1. I love your scrapbook. That is a wonderful gift, and i bet he cried a little when you gave it to him. ;)


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