Colorado Renaissance Festival 2011 {pt. 2 that I forgot about}

Ooops, I thought I posted this like... a month ago?  Here it is.. oh and check out part 1 if you missed any details, or want to be reminded of the craziness!

My favorite part was the Petting Zoo.  Note:  It's only weird if you go to the Petting Zoo without a child.  Plus, I absolutely love animals, and I feel I have a little Dr. Doolittle in me.  For instance, this sheep, which walked right up to me and smelled that I had no food.  She decided to come closer, so I began to pet her.  This turned into a whole twenty minute ordeal where she even began moving her head to where she wanted to be scratched.  Some ladies asked if the sheep was soft...  (I was going to say something snarky, but played it nice).  Sheep are not soft.  They live outside, roll around in the hay, and produce this insane oil for their wool, which turns your hand black. 

I honestly washed my hands in the pet zoo washing station, then in the bathroom 3 times, then sanitized my hands about 6 more times.  My hand was still oily.  Lesson learned.  I still felt OK about it because I think I made that sheep's life.

There were the usual baby pigs and horses.  All equally adorable and smelly.  Oh, and a random fact I read (and don't remember where)... Did you know that when you see a baby _____ (anything really), it triggers an actual chemical in your brain that makes you soften up and want to care for them?  Crazy, huh?

There was also a rooster in a tower.  Does anyone know why a tower?  Is it a Ren. period thing?  Anyways, Dylan loved that guy.  He would yell, "Cock-A-DOOOODLE-DOOOOO!"  Then, Dylan would yell back, "Do it again!!!"  The rooster would oblige.  It was quite comical, and then I was jealous the rooster wouldn't listen to me.


 Dylan wanted to go on the Butterfly Ride, so we let him.  While we were waiting in line, the husband found a caterpillar on his shirt.  I laughed because I understood the humor of it.  The husband rolled his eyes at me.

 Obviously, he loved the ride.  I just felt sorry for the ladies pushing the whole thing.  It was hot out there.

AND NOW.... for the BEST ACTION of the DAAAAYYYY!!!

This llama, which I have claimed and named Thaddeus (only because he turned out to be kind of snooty).

He followed me around, let me pet him.  Then he ignored me, being cheeky, you know.  And then he came back to me, for the best picture of like... maybe ever, I'm not going to lie.

Yes.  And then we left.  So long Thaddeus.

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