My Design Heroes

I love the Novogratz family.  I had my first taste of their design when they aired Nine by Design on Bravo, and they captured my heart forever.  Robert and Cortney are so amazing - brilliant sense of style, brilliant sense of themselves, and most importantly, brilliantly devoted to their family (seven kiddos!!).  I tuned in for the show religiously (an understatement), for a dose of  design 'breath of fresh air', if you will.

I was sad when Bob and Cortney didn't return to Bravo, but picked up their book (highly recommended) to keep on design dreaming.

{via Amazon}

About two weeks ago, while flipping through channels, I saw Cortney on TV, HGTV to be exact!!  The Novogratzs are back with "Home by Novogratz" on HGTV.  I absolutely cannot wait!  It airs tomorrow night, so check your listings.  Not sure you want to watch?  Look at this picture of Novogratz design magic.

{via HGTV}

What I love the most about Sixx Designs is the "cajones" they have to just go for it!  They keep to a budget, but keep it fresh and fascinating.  You better tune in, it's so worth your time!!  

On a side note:  Bob and Cortney, you are MORE than welcome to come hang out with me in Colorado!!  =)  Let's go thrift shopping.  Let's decorate something.  Let's design something together!  Oh, that would be a blasty blast!

One more picture:

{via Casa Sugar}

Need I say more?

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