Change is in the Air

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I have been staring at the screen trying to figure out what I want to say, and how I want to say it.  There's a lot happening in our personal life.  The husband is getting out of the Army (Yay!).  So, that means, finding new jobs, finding where we want to live.  There's also the whole, "How are we going to get it all done?", "Are we doing the right thing?" bit.  So, maybe writing it all out will help me focus a bit more.

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We've called Colorado Springs home for the last seven years.  That's almost unheard of in military families.  We've met amazing people and had amazing adventures.  But, there's also been quite a bit of personal struggle for me.  I've dealt with three deployments, being a 'single parent' (while the husband was deployed), dealt with depression, eating disorders, etc.  Luckily, I feel that I'm in a better state mentally, physically, and especially emotionally.  I just don't feel like Colorado Springs is home.  So, our family has decided to move.  I'm pretty sure it will be somewhere in the Carolinas or Georgia area.  We'll be close to my husband's family, some of my family, and friends.  

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Now that the husband will be out of the Army, he and I will both have to find new jobs.  This is a totally scary thing for me because I have stayed at home with our son for the last four years.  As much as I have loved it, I am really excited to get back into the work force, with a steady paycheck.  Blogging and Etsy haven't exactly been paying my bills.

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We finally get the look for our own house!!!  I have been collecting magazine clippings, taking notes, and dreaming of the day that I can paint walls, tear down stuff, and build a comfortable nest for my family.  I can't wait!

So where does that leave the blog and my shop?

I want to keep blogging.  I love writing.  I love meeting new people.  I love the blogging community.  I want to aim for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts.  I do know that as it gets closer to our move across the country, I will be a stressed out mama.  So, right now, I'm playing this by ear.  I can promise that once our family has settled in that I will be blogging regularly.  I can say that I will most likely pop in with random posts.  But, this is just saying that my family and this move/fresh start is what's most important right now.

Camp Moxie will remain open for the time being.  I would like to sell what I have in the shop.  I still have things to list.  I still have things I want to create.  We'll just say, I'll most likely have a good promo going on.  Currently, there are items that are 'Free Gift with Purchase'.  There will be more items added to that category as well.  Again, this'll be a play-it-by-ear thing.

So, yay!  I'm glad that is out there.  I'm glad my readers don't feel like I'm ignoring you.  It's just busy and scary and lots of life-changing decision-making.  I'm hoping for the best!  

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